This reeealy annoys me - ideas, anyone?


Norra Saltholm ferry pier. Look at the door at the balcony. It is open! How the devil do I get up there??!? I’m sure there is a supercool rifle or a secret mission in that room!


Put on a cape and fly?
Ask a tank nicely to sit still in front of the balcony, climb to it?


Hehe, one step closer …


Cloooser … cloooser …


Use some explosive cannisters and blow yourself up there?


I’m not much of an explosives guy. Tried to drop a field radio in there, but that is not allowed …


If you were Gordon Freeman it would be so easy… :frowning:


Or Chell … ohhh Chell. She is so … wauw! And with her Aperture Science Quantum Tunneling Device from Portal … cool chick!


Just went there. It’s an empty room with a locked door. Nothing exiting unfortunately. Nice find though. :slight_smile:


Please take a picture of the room. Pleeeease! :smiley:


It was night but you can see there is nothing to see. :wink:


Thanks @AdamBertil, I really appreciate that. I’m getting old and my jumping legs aren’t was they used to be. Knowing what’s (not) in there I have peace of mind :+1:


Glad to have been of help.


I think that light patch in the wallpaper suggests a different surface behind the decorations. Different colour due to damp in the plaster and on the wooden… door? Perhaps its a trap door to a secret room with a full collection of 5* weapons, or a remote control black box gizmo to take full control of the machines and make them do John Travolta disco moves.


… or it could be moonlight from the window … Naaahh, it is a secret room!


Someone needs to brave the hunters and go back in there. I have a reward of a box of 40 x .50 cal FMJ for any brave college nerd or punk willing to find the answer.


What are we exactly looking for ?


As per @kakarron

Use some explosive cannisters and blow yourself up there?"

Right, fix this to be extremely deadly, please, Devs…


I’m inside of the house, what now


Well… that… obviously.
You’re not really meant to be in there.