Time to call the Waaaambulance?


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Seriously, I’m not a fan of games that constantly change for the sake of rebalancing either. All the new ticks and military grade hunters at the beginning have caused me to shelve it for a while.


I think it’s more likely them responding to the people clamoring for it to be more like a typical survival game, which is kind of funny because such individuals don’t seem to be their target audience based on their marketing media.

What’s really funny is how absolutely brutal this makes the very beginning of the game despite them talking about trying to make the new player experience better. I recently restarted on a fresh save file (last one got corrupted by the co-op mission loss bug), and I was constantly scrambling to find enough ammo for the Möller PP just to be able to get the Meusser hunting rifle, and then it took me getting to Salthamn before I managed to get more than a dozen or so rounds for said rifle, so I was stuck having to play a suicidal maniac with the 12 gauge shotgun from Iboholmen church up to that point or go with almost no experience, compared to consistently having half a stack of .243 the first time I played through and being inundated with .32 rounds for the Möller. Medkits have been almost as bad too.


Experience feels trash too, I killed what felt like 20 military runners and ended up with 150xp for my time, effort, and ammo wasted. What the hell is the point of fighting more armored enemies if the xp gain is exactly the same trash?


Hello! Thanks for your feedback. The changes to loot were made so people wouldn’t be able to just keep rejoining the game and looting the same area. That is not the intent. Instead, it is encouraged to wander through the world and loot different locations.
That being said, the way loot is balanced is always subject to change and devs are always taking feedback and tweaking things accordingly.


Here’s some feedback: let ammo and health respawn everywhere like in 1.04. I get the need to explore further for things like better equipment, but that stuff is basic to even start exploration. Guns, etc, I understand, but even in games like Borderlands or Fallout or the Elder Scrolls, enemies will either drop health/ammo/arrows or there will be shops to replenish.

Otherwise, you use up hundreds of rounds on hard enemies (like packs of hunters on the tutorial island), die, and have no chance of progressing further because you’re waiting around old areas for what’s basically an extra life to spawn. You barely have a chance to try again if you’re killed and have no basic resources to continue.


That was my problem with the new starter island, going into any combat is a drain on your resources which takes literal hours to scavenge and seconds to deplete. I understand loot respawning was abused but they took it too far in the opposite direction. Please adjust it or allow an option to make the loot more forgiving for less hardcore players


I hear you with the feedback on the starter island being too difficult! I’ve already thought of some solutions and submitted them to the devs


Much appreciated Carniv0re