Too many broken things

Resistance doesn’t work, adding bullet/fire/explosive does nothing.
Vanguard doesn’t work.
Some prototype machines oneshot me, fnix/apocalypse don’t. Scaling bug.
Weaponwheel did nothing to improve game, you removed dobbeltap/hold triangle for secodary.
Daily’s dont register, even when people are in your lobby.(reward completion)
Daily’s don’t say which region to kill harvesters/tank.

Why do you think that the resistances don’t work? They just grant such few resistance-values that it’s hardly measureable.
The resistance of vanguard sounds much higher with 25%, but are it total 25% or a plus of 25% of the already existing resistances? Idk and I didn’t test vanguard yet.

Which prototype machines oneshot you?
There are prototype tanks with railguns that can do so much damage, the harvesters and tanks missiles, too.

Anything else is just known about lynx or higher class hunters with pvg.

What do you mean with “scaling bug”?

Daily’s that tell you to kill harvesters/tanks without telling you a region just don’t are restricted to a region. It doesn’t matter where you kill them.

Vanguard with bullet or explosive still does same damage. I can almost get 20% bullet/explosive resistance.

Happened with the one outside second church, only that one.

Daily’s: nothing happens when i do em, so i tried different regions and that worked.
Probably missing text.