UHF Dark Zone Bug - Inside the Signal Room


Walked into the room where the signal is originating in the UHF Dark Zone and unable to get out now.


Have you tried Fast travel, or main menu -> continue as a work around. Also there are several UHF Dark Zones that i am aware of, can you link a map screenshot showing which one please.


I also got stuck in there. I could turn around, fire my gun, crawl, lay down, jump etc but i could simply not get out of it…

I got stuck in the one near Salthamn


The same happened to me northeast of Salthamn, across the bridge. Was able to fast travel away. Only got stuck when it was destroyed, though.


I had the same thing happen in the one containing the “runner prototype” collectible.

If my memory serves me correctly, I simply picked up the collectible from the wall and was then unable to move with “wasd”. Just as tcntad mentioned, I could do everything but move my character out of the container. This location was on the shoreline in the UHF dark zone just about as far northeast as you could get in the beta.