Unlimited Adrenaline Bug

I have an unlimited amount of Adrenaline shots and I can do nothing to stop it. I have even reinstalled game and it still gives me option to use shot even without an Adrenaline shot in inventory.


  1. PC
  2. I had used an Adrenaline shot at one time but now its endless (even if not in inventory).

  1. Doesn’t matter if im a Host or Client.
  2. Dosen’t matter if im alone or have other players in game.
    6.Specs: Win 10 , i7-4770 3.40ghz, 12 GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Card.
    Still have this bug with the new update, notice I do not have an Adrenaline shot even in inventory and it still gives me one when I am downed.
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Probably the best bug yet , thankyou kindly lol :rofl: , seriously you have made my day :+1: anyhow my funny friend if you could maybe have ago at this here bug report format :point_right:READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report then maybe the Dev’s can diagnose your over dose problem , cheer’s :beers:

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