Unlimited Loot and (basically) Unlimited Bullet Stacks


Steps To Reproduce:

Basically you go to the salthamn bunker near the port and by the room to the generator to turn on the power there are 3 bodies nearby, if you loot the bodies and then enter the room with the staircase leading to the generator then the bodies loot will respawn and you can run in and out of the stair room to loot the bodies again as much as you want.

There was another bug I found where you can stack ammo to conserve space if you have more than one stack of bullets which are the same type you can right-click and equip it twice and it will disappear. The bullets then go into the stack past 240 but the value doesn’t change in the inventory

I’m pretty sure this worked with a lot of the bodies around the map it was just these 3 that I found close together and farmed a bunch of bullets from.
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