Upcoming update ( the fix)


I hope it´s okay to share this.
I saw no posts about it yet, and i thought it would be a good idea to share the good news :wink: .
I just hope things won´get too much easy now and that this will bring back some players and prevent others from giving up.


This is one of the things I love about this game. They care about the game & are willing to explain things even admit when it went wrong. Well played GZ…well played!


I just hope they don´t make the game too much easy now.
So i hope the following is not removed:

  • Machine reaction time
  • Harvester reinforcement system (to a balanced degree)
  • Machines reinforcing other machines and seeking the player after combat took place
  • Bigger numbers of enemies (it´s a good thing if the game becomes balanced again)


I can not agree more. It is very very rare to see development teams who has the courage to abmit mistakes.

What do you mean? They react as fast as before. They only have a larger agro range.

I hope they rework this reinforcement system. I personally think it is a very lazy system to just let them apear from nowhere and let them fall from the sky. Rather let the harvester carry the big hunter pod. This way we could destroy the pod launcher. Or make a bigger flying machine that carries hunters and runners. We can than also destroy the carrier to stop the reinforcement.

I dont like the current reinforcement system. It makes seakers almost useless. They should be our prime target to avoid reinforcement but now if you start a fight every enemy in about 1km range is running for you anyway.

Thats a good scaling factor for the different diff levels.


Its nice to hear from them.

Its to bad they didnt say so much. Like when? When will this teleporting nightmare be over?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!


The current reinforcement system makes things real, unless you just began the game and you might find it hard, this feature will help to keep the game challenging but not not impossible or difficult (for the moment it is difficult because of the already known machines exaggerated abilities).
Now about the “Machine reaction time”, i may have exaggerated, what i meant was that the machines in some ways are a bit more smarter ( detection range has nothing to do with it)
The machines now react when you shoot them, most of the time they don´t stay still while you snipe them, and i´m not talking about them being still and firing from afar, i´m talking about little improvements in the machines behavior and indeed the extended agro range, before they would just give up pursuing you, now takes more time.
This Little things make the game more challenging as it should be.
About the Harvester reinforcement, a new machine would make sense yes and it would be very interesting, a pod launcher would make no sense because hunters are too big to be carried by harvesters, what they could do is limit the number o Hunters, like 3 or 4, unlimited hunters makes no sense.
Anyway until the update comes, there´s no way to see what improves or not.


Are you on about the constant falling?


I´m only guessing, but i would say between day 20 and 30?
And it is to be expected for the unfortunate console users like myself for a late update arrival, some days later after PC.
Supposedly there will be a May event, we should expect it to be around the same time.


No. Watch my play through series. I have not encountered so many teleporting Machines before. You are in a closed EMPTY barn, you turn around, the barn is empty you look back BAM!! there is a dog! you shoot it you run from it up the stairs BAM! There is a HUNTER!!! etc etc etc.


Please send me a link to said playthrough series that shows manifesting machines.


You can read the bug reports and look for teleporting machines.


One thing I don’t really understand is why the devs are sticking to the montly updates to fix bugs. If some of the new changes were confirmed bugs, why don’t release a hotfix after a week that fixes the main bugs instead of waiting for a whole month?
This really puzzles me, since many other publishers with regular updates do hotfixes on a weekly basis (or even after a few days if serious bugs are present)… :thinking:
I mean was it really impossible to roll out a hotfix after a week that reduces missile travel times? How many parameters have to be tweaked to fix that?
Or even better: How about some of the parameters for machine behavior (like projectile speeds as a good example) was actually stored server-side, and downloaded when you started the game online? In this way, you wouldn’t even need to push a client update to fix minor tweaking issues, as you could just fix the config file server-side, and that would be downloaded to the clients. Sometimes it feels like Avalanche are not choosing the most user-friendly solutions. :expressionless:


I appreciate this thank you. I like seeing other people’s perspective without the rose tinted glasses.

I’ll drop you some feedback when I’ve watched it, and well done for putting the effort in and actually taking ownership of issues and making it known. I had a similar journey trying to get the Splash Damage achievement to pop.


Yeah, monthly update to fix the previous months update issues - with actual updates to base game planned for future updates.


I have to agree, with the latest update, Himfjall was missing from the PS4 version, it took them 3 days to be fixed, it was fast, surely they could have fixed the difficulty in one week right?


I’d be happy the fix
a.)the damn machines (Runners and Hunters) either morphing through the walls and/or spawning inside of buildings. I mean, how the hell do these machines get into a house when all the doors are shut? Runners I could understand if a door was open, but Hunters can’t even fit through the doors and when inside they clip through the ceiling/floor. Hunters appear in barns too, also when all the doors are closed.

b.) robots shooting you through the scenery and enemy rocket artillery spam without no cool down and no way to dodge.


Me and my friends are all new players so we don’t know what this game was like previously, but here’s what 4 casuals are enjoying the F*** out of right now. Smart AI, one time we were being chased and I hid between 2 big ass rocks so that the runners would have to come at me head on so I could shoot them while having cover on my sides, it was a last ditch effort. They saw this happening and ran up the mountain around me to drop down from on top of me. 2. Ammo is the perfect amount of scarce. You can have 800 rounds and lose 600 before you get to the next safe house but you’ll get that right back after a quick loot session. 3. The non stop enemies when you enter combat they come from everywhere when gunfire starts, you either do quick hits on enemies do what you need to do and bail, or it’s dug in warfare to the bitter end. 4 dogs spotted me across a lake, ran for like 15 minutes to get around the bridge and kill me that fucking determination makes the game feel real and not like far cry where you can shoot a guys buddy and he’ll forget 5 seconds later. 5. No annoying survival mechanics and breaking guns. It’s just annoying. But there are a few things im not sure about, like what’s the point of crafting? The items just take up weight as far as I can tell. Clothing options that have 1% resistance to things? Seems pointless af. And bikes are almost counter productive most of the time. I also wish there where animal npcs, so if you’re trying to avoid robots and run into a bear that will attract robots if you shoot it would be interesting to see. It is hard by yourself, maybe some extra scaling for player count. But I like that you never feel over powered. For this game specifically im really enjoying the feel of being just a dude escaping sweetish terminator. I don’t feel like I should feel over powered against these massive robots. I feel like if im by myself you should turn and run and survive and throw radios and take em out while distracted or bail. It’s not doom


As someone who criticizes the April-AI-update vehemently, I want to tell you: I understand you and I support what you are suggesting. I want the devs to expand the difficulty-scale beyond Guerilla to match the current machine-beahavior. But as of now, and as a predominantly single player, even on Adventure the game is a stone-cold boring grind-fest. No challenge at all, coz you learn to hide in certain spaces and take everything out from there as long as there is ammo.

That is the situation now, even in Adventure, and even in Skirmish, and that is unnecessary. I have 100+ hours on the game and I know how to take on the new AI, still, sometimes I am also a casual gamer and want to have a chance to mosey around Sweden and beat the game with an umbrella, if I feel like it. THAT was Adventure in the past and that doesn’t exist anymore.

Devs can make it as hard as they want, coz on a virtual difficulty-slider there is ALWAYS another level on the right, if devs want to. But devs should not force a certain gameplay and difficulty onto levels that have played very differently in the past.

The mere AI-difficulty is not the real problem anyway. It’s the difficulty in combination with some old and some new bugs. Like mechs teleporting into structures like bunkers, barns, man, even houses for which the hunters are too big. I cannot count the situations anymore where a hunter beamed into a house and fired like mad upstairs while I was working his nether regions with the 12 gauge downstairs … in a strict martial sense, mind you, no mech-bromance sh*t, you know! :slight_smile:

As the game now spawns so much more enemies, you are being fired on much more often and also hit more often. Not a problem, if the game didn’t have that silly blur-effect. Most of the time I don’t even see a clear thing as my vision has blurred out. Yeah, nice effect if used delicately, but my eyes are not the best and having to deal with constant blur is getting unbearable. Same for the cam-shake, everything shakes when being hit by a projectile. Bunkers, houses, lighthouses, even mountains. WHY? A mountain shakes when a hunter fires a 0.50 at a spot 20 yards away from you? I thought mountains in Sweden are more stable but I fear they are also made by IKEA.

So, in short terms, and as the devs said: something was intended but in combination with other stuff (bugs, gaming conditions etc.) it backfired. That’s ok, now they should take it back 20 notches for the casual single-players, and keep the current difficulty in a new difficulty setting beyond Guerilla, something like “super tedious grindfest where you die a lot”. That’s perfectly ok with me: “Make it hard, but don’t force it onto me. Let me chose it.”


Being able to call in nearby hunters, rather than beaming them in from orbit would be an improvement. It allows for things to quickly get out of hand, without them literally dropping from the sky, and with travel time, would open up the option to eliminate the harvester quickly, and loot it, before reinforcements arrived.

I’ll repeat my suspicion that the internal AI cooldowns were derped up, though.


A lot of what you cover I often say to myself.

It brings back some memories seeing aim down a cracked scope though, and like as you have already played the game can actually give some perspective on expectation vs reality.

You do cover A LOT, and the big fight in Part 5 clearly flags issues. I appreciate they look into the customer feedback - however when church organs don’t attract enemies basics still need to be addressed.