Various clipping issues in Salthamn


Just about every area in the beta has clipping issues, but Salthamn seemed particularly heavy in them, and I remembered to screenshot a bunch of them.

Platform: PC/Steam

Steps To Reproduce: Visit these locations. Some require additional steps, see below.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Solo

Specifications: i7 6700 3.41GHz, GTX 970, 16GB RAM, Win10 x64. Using the “high” preset.

Images / Videos:

This door starts out fine, but there is a chair immediately outside it. Opening the door causes it to clip into the chair and “catch it”, dragging it with it when closed. I’m not sure which house this is, but I believe it’s the same one as the next screenshot.

This bathtub has a wheelbarrow. It was there when I arrived. If it weren’t for the clipping, I’d think this was a neat easter egg.

When opened, the front door of this house clips through the awning.

When opened, this door clips through the dresser, and crashes into the lamp on it. Pretty sure the lamp falling also clips/goes through the door.

And a bonus graphical derp that doesn’t involve clipping:

The screenshot doesn’t show it well, but this chunk of road has the same floating road texture issue as the area mentioned in this thread: [Map] Floating road textures