Weapons Disappear From Storage Station

**Platform: Xbox One

**Description: This bug happened when playing with my partner. For the past two nights, when playing multiplayer, when my partner put a weapon away in the storage station and logged out for the night the next time they went to get the weapon, it was completely gone from their storage. Even when leaving multiplayer and going to single player the weapons were not there. One was a level 5 rocket launcher and the other was a level 4 sniper rifle. This has happened twice and with high level gear. We also tested this out with a random level 3 pump action shotgun and it also disappeared. Furthermore, any weapons level 3 and above in my partner’s storage have been downgraded to level 2 or 1. This has taken away weapons we have worked very hard for and has just began happening after we have finally been able to play. Now we are scared to put our gear away or switch it out for things.

**Steps To Reproduce: Place a weapon in storage in multiplayer and log out. Then close the Generation Zero app. The next time you log in if the weapon placed in the box was level 3 or higher it will not be there. We don’t know how to replicate the weapons being downgraded.

**Images / Videos: None

**Host or Client: I was the host but this happened to a Client on my game.

**Players in your game: 2 players

**Specifications: Xbox One original

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