What does the chaff rocet round do?

i do not wont to use it up but if some one has fired one can you tell me what it does.

please? some one? can you tell me what it does? please?

If you use an Ammo pack without having anything loaded in the m49 launcher you get chaff rounds. So they are not that rare and you can experiment on your own with what they do or dont do… :wink:

only ever found 1 chaff round (have completed every mission in world and DLC)

Yes you almost never find them in placed loot. You have to use the ammo packs.
Currently they seem to work just like the HEDP rockets. 2 chaffs killed a proto hunter.

Can confirm it, 2x Chaff rounds dropped proto hunter just like 2x HE rounds would.

ok thanks Znurrad and Aesyle

Oh, i also recorded gameplay vid of Chaff round effect but it was night-time (hard to see) and there is no sound since i didn’t have my OBS settings right (still new to recording gameplay vids).