What is your skill build?

I havn’t got a finished character(s) but these are my plans for two. Tomi Tapio, a tanky military and a snipy tech wiz, Nanouk Bjornsen.

Because the military is my first one he’s pretty stealthy from start but with better armour, ammo & guns he’ll progress to badass.

Also my tech woman is heavy into transhumanism so maybe she’ll alter him a bit with drugs, too (as she does on herself) but then again, he probably prefers to stay au natural I don’t know where that’s going.

Nanouk is only level 2 so far, so I have plenty of time to change my mind about her specs, but I am dying to try out getting robots to fight eachother from afar. If that doesn’t work well, marksman is an alternative.

Do you need your character to have skills that makes sense with who it is? Or is it mostly or only about effectivity, a smooth gameplay and optimization?

Hello, my Char Helldiver has the specification “Hacker” With the binoculars you can send a Hack impulse to a robot and they start to shoot themselve. But pay attention, in a little time they recognize you as the sender and they will hunt you. My second char Amelie makes an education to the marksman specification. Her fighting style is to sneak on to the robots and kill them from afar. Mostly with the PVG90 cal. 50 Sniper Rifle in Distances from 300 till 400 m.

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Oh! That makes me hesitate to get Robot hacking for a frail character. Maybe I’ll rethink my builds. Tomi is already a bit sneaky and tech, he could be the snipy hacker one - and Anouk an enhanced, transhuman tank! That way I can make them more different from eachother, too.

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(Not the right topic to discuss builds but…)

I think you need to know the value of Lockpicking skill.

Without the Lockpicking skill, you can’t open any of the ammo storage stations found in game. These ones:

Image source: Beautiful Hike Routes - #11 by Gysbert

There are few single door ones in the game, part of the missions, that you can enter and loot. But those found in the open world, are all locked.

However, there is a key for the smaller ones, which once collected, gives you access to the single door ammo storages, all of them.

But the bigger ones, with two double-sided doors, will remain locked for forever. And that is not all, there are several houses in-game that also have locked doors and only way in, is by having Lockpicking skill with hairpin lockpicks.
Only way around it, without unlocking Lockpicking skill, is to play Multiplayer, where your buddy has Lockpicking skill, so that they can open the door for you.


Ah yes, I played almost only with my fiance but now he plays less GZ so I’d better get that. Especially with the locked houses in the map re-vamp.

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My main had it, so everything after was unlocked anyway. Though for new players - 100% agree


In light of the topic however - here’s the Vanguard build from almost a year ago

I’m very much looking forward to combining the new ammo types with the skill perks in the build. Should make for some great content down the line. Full Skill Point guide in the description.

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