Whats a "Battery pack"



I just got 500 hours in this game and I have finally started to actually complete the challenges. (i’m not really a challenge guy).

So one of the challenges says: “Successfully disable 20 FNIX class machines (excluding ticks) using only battery packs without beeing detected.”

After 500 hours ingame one would think I should know what a “battery pack” is…however, I have never seen one. I have seen “Emp cells” (small medium large) and “Car battery”.

I’m assuming its one of those? Or do they mean any of those? Or are there actually a third item actually called “Battery pack”? If so, where do I find them?



emp cells/battery packs i think. I used emp cells so those will work


It’s EMP Cells, yeah. The throwable ones. It could use some clarification.


All about the challenge is explained here: Guide: "Numbing Expert" challenge