Why don't we have friendly fire?

While the game is made so immersive and realistic with (almost) everything else, I wonder why they stopped at friendly fire (concerning palyers).

I am missing it. I mean, I am blown off my feet by my friend shooting a fuel tank on the other side of that barn, start to heavily breath after a short sprint, die from high drops, fall from my bike when hitting (quite small) obstacles, sight dimmed under a gas mask, … but nothing happens when I shoot my partner in the back. It’s like they are looking into a lot of detail, but are missing the most obvious one.

They must have good reason not to implement it.

It was removed because people like you can’t ruin other people gameplay experience. Shooting your mate at the back? Are you serious??? :astonished:

Btw, there used to be less friendly fire in the game, where you could still kill other players with explosives but it was patched out, and for a good reason.


You misunderstood. I would appreciate friendly fire as part of the realism and immersion in the game. I would like to see it added so movement and tactics and positioning with your team mates would have more impact.

“Shooting my partner in the back” was but an example, not my intend. …

I get your point though. I know there are lots of “chaotic elements” out there, that would take the chance and disrupt ones gameplay. BUT, as we can control who joins our game, I would not see that as an issue.

Unless you have your game set to “Invite Only”, there is no other way to control who joins your game.

Most of my MP games have been in the open game session, where host has set the setting to “Anybody” and i’ve met a lot of nice people. I’ve also met jackasses who’s sole purpose was to mess with other people just for “laughs”.

That reminds me one of the earlier sessions, where friendly fire was lenient. I joined low lvl player and helped him out with his missions (guidance, providing cover fire etc.) and we had a good experience. Then, another random bloke joined the game and after some time, he placed a land mine just next to us and shot at it. It blew up and killed the low lvl host instantly. Since i was max lvl, my HP dropped from 100 down to 10. I had to use one of my a-shots to revive the host and spend several first aid kits to heal myself.

Was it “fun” for either of us? No. Not at all.
Was it “fun” for the one who placed the land mine? I guess so.

Friendly fire causes way more harm to a lot of people, than giving some more “immersion” to select few.


I hear you. Absolutely follow you there. As I said, I personally am not on the disruptive side, in the contrary seeking coop and partnership. I find, it’s where such games could excel, when teamwork makes the difference and you need to watch out for each other.

Exactly. That’s the way then.

IF we agree on friendly fire would greatly add to the mood and coolness of playing Generation Zero, then there should be an easy way to be found to have it. As long as we don’t agree (like you seem not to value the gained immersion that highly), then we don’t have to further discuss it.

“select few”. I find, either you want a realistic environment in your game (and G0 is designed like one in a wide array of aspects) or not. Without friendly fire, the game feels sort of unfinished for me, like “not having it the proper way”.


It is really bad business to force players into “Invite Only” game mode because there are mechanics in the game that make random MP game a hardship.

GZ is supposed to be a co-op game, where you can enjoy the game playing with other people, random people. Currently, there are already several reasons why many (including myself) are keeping their games “Invite Only”. There is no need to give even more reasons for people to close up their games. Finding “open” MP game is currently hard as it is.

Oh, i value the immersion and i’m immersed into the game as soon as i hear the Main Menu theme. However, i’m not going into the depths of trying to explain what “immersion” really is. Instead, you can read what our another community member, tene, wrote about “immersion” and to which, i fully agree,
link: Radios & Medkits abundant in houses

The only way to solve the friendly fire dispute, is for devs to make it optional. And by that i mean game host can select from game settings if he/she wants friendly fire in his/hers game or not. Just like there is currently option for enabling/disabling Bikes.

Of course, this is just another drop to the pool of asked optional features.

This isn’t dayz
The devs don’t want trolls popping into players games and ruining they’re day


Cheers Aesyle, though I’m pretty blunt with my words usually I think that was one of my better worded statements on here.

But to add another point to why PVP just wouldn’t sit well in GZ is another thing brought up by Aesyle here;

GZ is not balanced for pvp in the slightest ultimately to make a PVP/PVE game you need to build it from the ground up with that intention.
The mental amount of work that would go into rebalancing weapons and equipment for pvp would mean we wouldn’t see anything other than work towards that for absolute months. The content would dry up for players, the map overhauls would disappear, additions of new weapons would come to a halt as old weapons were tediously rebalanced.
Lets look at the machine health pool, its greater than our characters by a significant margain, all PVP would be in the current meta of GZ is either one shot by a hunting rifle or blasted outta existance by the exp pvg, to living through half of a mag of any assault rifle or even less for an LMG.
EXP weapons would be nerfed into the ground to make this sustainable, or characters health pools would be increased so drastically that PVE would suffer greatly, guerilla with player scaling would become a joke.

Now im not opposed to PVP becoming a thing in gz later on down the road in a specific circumstance, maybe a fighting arena where you have no weapons and you just slap each other or something, but in terms of the base game that’s a logistical nightmare we as a player base shouldn’t go through.


PVP or players able to do damage to other players. NO
Good arguments have already been said.
If in the future after the game is “Mostly fixed”, with the regions upgraded and new islands opened, if a new mode with PVP separate from the main game is brought up, then Ok.
If that does not happen, NO friendly fire and NO PVP in the main game (base game), it would mean the End of GZ as we know it.


Don’t see why Friendly Fire can’t be a togglable switch in multiplayer like it is in some similar games


In today’s generation, friendly fire is a bad thing. You get that one toxic player that will ruin an entire community.

Developers are in a catch-22. Have it on and deal with complaints about toxic behavior and have ban wave after ban wave.

Or keep it off and just deal with complaints about idiot/immature players that are messing things up but not making the game unplayably unpleasant.

For a good game you have to pretty much absolutely kill any vector that introduces toxicity into an environment. And no matter what you do or how you do it folks will complain. Companies have not figured out how to deal with the social networking negative reporting dynamic that some individuals can create volumes that would take an army veritably to clear out.


I know all about toxic idiots bringing people and games down. My very first online game I played was on a friend of mines computer. He was heavily into EverQuest (or EverCRACK as his girlfriend called it) and tried to get me into it. So I gave in and made a character. 5 minutes into playing a lvl 1 character i was killed by a lvl 20 character. Then when I went back to my corpse for my belongings 5 minutes later, he killed me again, as he was corpse camping. This happened 2 more times and then I gave up, never to play the game again. He gained nothing from doing it as he was too high level above me to gain xp and as a lvl 1 character I had nothing he needed in gear. In fact this soured me to this day on playing all games that were PvP that could not be played solo or PvE.

But I do believe people should have the option if they choose; and a toggle or filter switch within the hosts game options to make his game friendly fire if he so wants should be a viable option. To each his own!


I am happy, that this isn’t DayZ. From what I have seen, the pvp in it makes it real ugly. I also want my GZ-games to stay clean of “toxic idiots”, as MarsGodOfWar puts it.

I still think, friendly fire would very well fit into the setting. To make the fight against the machines as a team even more realistic. And it’s a shame, we can’t have it, because we are under the rule of ah-players abusing it. Outside of invite-only games.

I know GZ for around 50 hrs of play now. The GZ I know, consists of around 30% solo game and 70% playing it with a friend, invite only. In there, I see the missing friendly fire as sort of a black spot that disturbs the setting and the mood of the game. Because, everything else is (very beautifully) built to instill a sense of natural realism.

Open games have not been a thing for me, yet. I understand, that friendly fire carries the power to disrupt the fun there.

I would wanna see friendly fire. A option for the host to start a vote in the game should be a thing. If everyone votes yes. Then friendly fire turns on. Which would remove the thing with. “a random player is shooting me” cus then you would be able to turn it off aswell. Host only without needing a vote.
Thats how I would implement friendly fire cus I would have alot more fun in multiplayer if you needed to be careful so you don’t shoot your teammate. Or just wanna have fun.

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exactly. thank you : )

A friendly fire option for invite only games to start with, why not - I support the idea.

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