"Woodcutter" side mission: cannot grab the key in the car

Platform: PC

Description: In the side mission “Woodcutter” I cannot grab the key in the car (when the log requested it). I tried everything: crouching, moving to the other side of the car, going on the hood, crouching on the hood, blowin up the car, waiting for the loot respawn etc. Nothing happened, mission still broken for me.

Steps To Reproduce: I found the mission, went to the woodcutter safeplace, found the house locked, found the car and the key, cannot grab the key. I don’t remember if I already found that place before and maybe grabbed the key when I hadn’t found the mission yet. That could be the problem, I don’t know for sure.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: no multiplayer, I was in singleplayer (connected to internet) with “Invite only” option.

Players in your game: just me and myself.

Specifications: laptop Alienware 15R2 (16GB Ram, i7 6700HQ, gtx 980m) with Graphics Amplifier connected (RTX 2060) and 1080 external monitor. Everything went pretty smooth (just the Uttern Bunker broken mission).

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for the report! I actually encountered this myself last night, but was unsure what to do since I’d done this mission in the past without problems. Looks like the key is indeed unreachable. Even grabbing the shotgun wouldn’t progress this mission, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

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I found a way to solve this: I got the picklocking ability, I picklocked the door and entered the manager room with the empty shotgun case and the mission updated correctly, even if the key is still in the car and unreachable. Then, when I tracked down and found the manager dead with his shotgun the mission was completed successfully! :slight_smile:

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