World is no longer persistant between main menus


So, I just wanto warn people,

Before some patch back you could leave items on the ground, go back to main menu (yes it would say non saved progress would be lost) and select another character and there, the itom you left there would still be there.

Now adays this is no longer the case.

Just wanto warn people about this new “feature”.

Also, does anyone know how to get stuff you lost like this back?

Just for whine tears and pity, this is what I lost:
1 expermiental kpist fully equipped with specials. (Acog, mag, barrelextension)
1 experimental AG4 with special scope and full vision module + extended mag (blue) + special barrel extension
1 experimental klaucke with special mag and special silencer.
1 exceptional älgstudsare with special scope and full vision module + silencer.

  • ammo.

I was going to quick raise a new chars since the level 30 cap.

I’m hurting guys. I really am.



This was reported by moi in the main thread for the Alpine Unrest update.

I agree though, this really needed to be in the patch notes.


The method of dropping loot to the ground, going back to main menu, selecting another char and picking the dropped loot up was an exploit, not an intended game feature.

A lot of players (including me) used that trick to transfer loot between chars before Plundra (storage box) was added to the game. Now, there is Plundra in game which can be used to transfer loot between your chars.

It’s true that in Alpine Unrest patch (November’s update), the exploit was patched. I lost 20x a-shots while testing it out. And there is no way to get despawned items back (unless you find them again from world).

So, there’s nothing wrong with the game and it works as intended.


Never said there was anything wrong with it (hence NOT in the bug report thread).

But a warning could be nice, and also how can it be an exploit when you added it into the game?


It wasn’t ‘added’ to the game. The world state wasn’t properly cleared from memory when you moved between characters :stuck_out_tongue:


They added the chest where you can do exactly that what was an “exploit”


If you close the game, did your dropped loot remained where you dropped it? No, it did not.

Plundra does save your loot which you can access next time you launch the game. Also, there is Plundra in each safehouse, providing good access to your loot across the map.


it doesn’t matter if being able to drop loot and have it stay there when you go back to the main menu was an intended feature or an exploit. it would have been better if they noted the change in the patch notes like @Xezr said


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