You really killed the game



I have over 100 hours of this game. The recent “4 hour loot respawn” timer has killed the game.

What were you thinking? If I log out and then log back in ALL MACHINES RESPAWN BUT NO LOOT?

No loot has respawned in my game, and I havent been playing for a week.

I have questions for you:

Do you actually want people to play your game?

Where do I get my refund?

NO RESPAWN TIMER ON CONSUMABLES! (Ammo, medkits, gastanks, emps adrenalines etc etc)

Keep the respawn timer on non consumables (weapons + attachments) to avoid exploits.


Please please.please!!! I can’t enjoy this game anymore PLEASE END THE LACK OF AMMO IN AN ACTION GAME!!!


i was pretty annoyed with the loot timer at first too but it does work if you stay on the move. it’s rough at first but as you open up more places it gets easier to find stuff. I know it’s not ideal for when you like to stay in an area until you completely clear it out and then move on. plenty of times i had to just run around avoiding fights to get to a place where i can collect loot.


I also dont like the changes.

True. Just remove that timer for consumables.

And plz remove that annoying ticks. They spawn next to you in houses after you fast travelt there and looted all rooms. They see you through walls and immediatelly jump at you when you open the door. To be honest, they are just annoying. Not challenging or good for the feeling of the game just annoying.
I stoped looting houses with ticks and only loot the garages because most toolboxes are empty, there is maybe one small aid kit in the house (25 hp) and when a tick hits you once (15 hp) the time looting the house is almost wasted.


I got everything i need:


Yesterday I was in the gas factury and killed the 6-10 hunters and two Tanks and looted everything. Then I head north and found the bunker, cleared it and … got the mission “gas factury”.
So today I went back and guess what, both tanks all hunters and all runners are there again. BUT I could not open a single box there because the 4 ingame hours were not over and they were not refilled.

If you want to keep this timer, then plz use it for the machines too.


Hello! First of all, please try to mind your language. I’ve edited down your post and removed the profanity.
I understand that you are upset about some of the recent changes made to the game, and it does appear that the respawn timer of loot is in need some readjustment as many are not happy with how it was implemented.

Currently, non-ammo toolboxes appear to be bugged outside of the main island and do not drop any loot. The devs are aware of this issue and it’s being looked into. Thanks.


Having the timer in bots would be amazing!! I don’t mind the loot timer but I agree bots need it too then


I wouldn’t mind the loot timer, but at least make it 2 in-game hours that should continue to tick down whether or not the player was playing the game.

I think that Med-kits should be more common in bags or on military personal bodies or just in bulk so that players can get more just than 1 med-kit per bag.


First, I think the challenge is that the game is not supposed to be a survival game but with no NPCs or melee your survival depends on ammo. And finding ammo should not be a way to try and extend gameplay.

Once the main story line is done, well, all you have left to do is shoot robots. I love the game but I do not want to spend hours of my time just finding ammo which is why I find myself spending less time playing it each day.

Second, any respawn based on time logic I don’t think will ever work regardless as to what you set it to unless you make that timer visible in game. Don’t leave your users guessing how many game hours have passed. They could be judging time spent accurately but I’m sure you realize most are not and will not. And then users just get frustrated and flood the forums. So if you want the logic to be based on game time in any way then you need a timer visible in game. The other advantage here is that it will help rule out any other issues with respawning if users can see the amount of time elapsed.

Lastly, if you take a look at other open world shooter games like Far Cry, Fallout 4, etc. none of them made just finding ammo and health this difficult and those games still have a very active following.

Again, finding ammo shouldn’t equate to extended gameplay and it feels like that is what they are trying to do. If we can easily find ammo and then continually enjoy the game shooting robots why would this even be an issue to the developers? Perhaps it’s not what the developers originally envisioned but listen to your users. True, some seem to be doing okay but most are not and I have yet to read one post from anyone who said they thought the ammo respawn now made their game play better. They’re just muddling through it.


Happy for ya dude, tried replaying it from start lately?


It is a fresh start after the latest patch, smarty pants.


It is kind of contra productive if you have to leave an area and (ESPECIALLY) a mission story just because the ammo ran out, and machines respawned (scripted for story line progress, or because you had to log out).

I’m all for realism, but then make the entire game state persistent between relogs. Even destroyed bots, and then the game is over when all bots are killed on the map.


I totaly agree. The point of playing after compleating the story is most likely to have fun while killing machines and not loot hundrets of boxes. Because of that, guys probably teleport to an area where they know they only have to loot lets say 50 boxes and wold be well preparet for a hunting party. I my eyes it is not an exploid because I have no advantage over another player, since this game is pure PVE.


How many hours of gameplay?

I dont see alot of ammo in that picture.


I haven’t played since the day of the last patch because all my loot boxes are bugged and empty. I missed the game horribly at first since I played it daily either solo or with my friends.

Now, not so much. I’ll check it out again with the next patch perhaps, and I hope they pull some miracle out of their hat and fix the bugs and restore the balance. But as it stands now, I have no interest in playing it any more. I’m enjoying another run through Far Cry: New Dawn and Subnautica instead. At least those games work and they don’t change the rules of the game every couple of weeks.


The changes they have made make sharing and Team play less accessible, especially for endgamers who have no missions to do like myself. By making the Loot only spawn every 4 hour ( And it applies to container locations in other hosts Games ). This means I have to spend ridiculous amounts of time foraging resources before I can play Multiplayer and I am less likely to share because of this. They also decreased the damage of explosives on Tanks to the point that I burn through all my Propane Tanks just to kill 1 Tank and a lot of Ammo. I am having to spend a ridiculous amount of time gathering. These Devs are listening to the wrong Players suggestions and screwing up this Game. I can’t carry a bunch of alternative Weapons because of finite Inventory space. I’m really starting to think it’s intentional, I think they want the Player Base to leave so they don’t have to take care of so many Servers and they can keep making Money off of New Players ignorance.

I’m still getting stuck rezzing into Games with AFK Hosts over and over again as well as getting kicked because I don’t want to share ammo because of the 4 hour loot respawn. Oh and now there are more AFK hosts letting their character sit in one place so they can sit out the 4 hour respawn. lol


Seems like whatever the adjusted respawn timer ends up being, it should apply to the robots too

As for Ticks, they should be in the houses when you approach not appearing in mid air right behind you as you walk through certain doors. Running into them like that should be a punishment for carelessness, otherwise you’re just punishing exploration and people will just start avoiding houses.

The robots also need to start dropping a meaningful amount of ammo etc when compared to their difficulty to make them a viable source of material, as currently their loot tables are pretty spartan on the ammo front especially (excluding only, in my experience thus far, the amount of SMG ammo carried by certain runners around the Military Compound location)


I haven’t played now for like almost 2 weeks. Which is to be expected when it’s as repetitive as it is…


There was a post over rotating loot that got wiped in minutes explaining how loot from machines respawned if you left and rejoined gold guns.Im guessing this is the temp fix.