1-4x Scope Speed

So, my scoped sens is about… say 45? I initially had the red dot sights on my AG-5 and it was all nice and good. Then I got a lvl 5 1-4x scope that I was super excited to use. I scope in and it’s ridiculously slow. I had to crank my sens up to 80, and it’s still awfully slow. Please fix this bug, it makes the gun very hard to use when the enemy isn’t sitting in one place. I would like to be able to look around properly and the sens on that scope makes it really hard

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I’m not sure if it’s a bug, scopes have deliberately slower sensitivity to make aiming less jittery. Although it depends on your own look settings, of course. Which platform are you on?

Go to nexusmods and download the scope speed mod. Works great. It does make it a little harder to use the 8x16 scope because it ups the move speed, but that is not too bad.

I’m on PC, but there is a significant difference between the scopes, not just a little. It’s the same for my friend as well, i handed the scope off to him to try and he said it was way slower than any other sights he’s used. I know that scopes are generally slower for a reason, it’s just unnaturally slow

I find the scopes in this game rather slow and difficult to adjust. I would appreciate separate sensitivity sliders for all the various scopes (iron sights, red dot, 1-4x, 4-8x, 8-16x) and binocular.