1 player offline ps4

Hi. I am new to Generation Zero. I’ve been with the game for 2 days and my idea is to play 1 player offline.
-Is it recommended to start it now or wait for me to wait again?

Is it difficult in adventure difficulty?
I do not understand the inventory because when I take a kit I can no longer take the gun.
I appreciate advice

Hello? Nobody playing offline in ps4???

Latest update tweaked the machine AI and made it considerably more difficult to take down harvesters and tanks.

Without me knowing what you’re expecting from the game, i can not say if you should wait for another update, in hopes of game getting easier or if you should start playing, in hopes of getting a good challenge.

Thank you very much for the anawer. I want play at a game for enjoy it and i would like to know the difference between difficult modes.

Differences between difficulty modes:
Adventurer (Easy) - Skirmish (Medium) - Guerilla (Hard)

As difficulty increases, following things change:

  • machines have more HP
  • machines deal more damage to you per shot
  • easier chance to spawn a personal Rival

What is unknown so far, are:

  • better loot
  • more XP per kill
  • more free roaming machines

Thank you. Is it recommended to play it alone ?. How long is it

Generation Zero is recommended to play in co-op, with up to 4 people. However, you can play it solo as well but do note that game is considerably harder since it was designed as a co-op game.

As far as how long it is - that depends on your play style.
For example, i played solo and advanced slowly and carefully. It took me 117 gameplay hours to finish the main missions, where i still had plenty to do for 100% completion (side missions, collectables, exploration).
And when Alpine Unrest DLC was released, it took me about 40 gameplay hours, in my own pace, to finish it’s main and side missions + collectibles.

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Hey @Corronco, the inventory has changed since March, it takes a while to get used to, i recommend the adventure difficulty, before the latest update (April) anyone could start the game from scratch playing skirmish, but now the machines make more damage, Grenade Launchers, Rocket and Mortar pods are faster and have extended range, and Harvesters now can summon reinforcements, so i suggest you play adventure and level up a bit in the beginning area (Archipelago region).
There are many missions so i would say it will take a while taking also in consideration enemies are more dangerous now.
You can also find most of the game weapons in the initial zone, they are not in the best shape, but you can use them to your advantage, and will facilitate in finding ammo for most of them.

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Thank you very much for answer

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