10 Things that would make GZ Better

  1. Expanded Storyline: While the game’s premise is intriguing, expanding on the backstory of both the player character and the world they inhabit could add depth and immersion to the narrative.

  2. More Diverse Environments: Introducing a wider variety of landscapes, from dense forests to urban cityscapes, could provide players with new challenges and experiences as they navigate the world.

  3. Improved Enemy Variety: Adding more diverse types of Machines with unique abilities and behaviors could make combat encounters more dynamic and engaging.

  4. Enhanced Customization Options: Allowing players to customize their character’s appearance, as well as their weapons and equipment, would give them a greater sense of personalization and investment in their journey.

  5. Deeper NPC Interactions: Providing more opportunities for meaningful interactions with NPCs, including branching dialogue choices and dynamic questlines, could make the world feel more alive and responsive to the player’s actions.

  6. Expanded Co-op Features: Building upon the game’s cooperative multiplayer mechanics, such as allowing larger groups of players to team up and tackle challenges together, could enhance the social aspect of the gameplay experience.

  7. Greater Emphasis on Exploration: Adding hidden secrets, side quests, and lore scattered throughout the world would incentivize exploration and reward players for delving deeper into the game’s environments.

  8. Dynamic Weather and Day/Night Cycle: Implementing a dynamic weather system and day/night cycle would not only enhance the game’s visual appeal but also introduce new gameplay mechanics and challenges affected by environmental conditions.

  9. More Reactive AI Behavior: Improving the AI of both enemies and friendly NPCs to react more realistically to the player’s actions and the changing circumstances of the world would increase immersion and strategic depth.

  10. Post-launch Support and Content Updates: Continuously providing players with new content updates, including new missions, challenges, and gameplay mechanics, would keep the experience fresh and encourage long-term engagement with the game.

Yeah Ai lol

And what’s about your opinion?
That’s just a generic answer by a llm, chatgpt or something similar.

Some of the suggestions already are part of the game.


I agree with all of them.

I don’t care to much about an expanded story line (mainly because I haven’t beat the game)

We definitely need more diverse environments, More realistic(bigger) citys

I would like some more enemy variety, like something FNIX to counter the firebird, Not flying because
FNIX cant leave the island.

I mean we already have 4, and I’m happy with the customization options but some limited time stuff would be cool.

Deeper NPC interactions would be so cool, I mean like right now you walk into the first bunker(forgot its name) and Pontis just stands there eternally staring at the board

Expanded co-op might be cool, like it could be an event, huge boss fight with 10 players

A greater emphasis on Exploration Would be amazing like more little missions or funny mysteries/lore

Weather might be cool like, rain, snow, lightning, fog etc. etc.

  1. just goes back to 5.

And I think we need more events and limited skins/weapons or even limited time missions