100°C hot CPU with 100% load at Generation Zero


I have a huge problem with the game Generation Zero.
When I start and play the game, my CPU gets up to 100°C hot. I have an i9-9900k CPU with 8 cores and 16 theards, on 3.6 Ghz to 5 Ghz. I have updated my graphics drivers and my Intel drivers are also up to date. I even updated my bios but nothing helps. The setting in the game are also already set to the lowest. I don’t think it’s me, since this processor and my graphics card (Nvidia RTX 2080 (Gigabyte version)) should be designed for such a game. Not even in games like Battlefield 5, Battlefield 2042 or similar demanding games do I have such temperatures.

I have also tried to close unnecessary programs but no success.

This problem always occurs when I start the game. My room temperature is around 25°C due to the weather.

The game has not crashed yet. However, I do not plan to continue playing the game if this problem persists as 100°C is the limit temperature of my CPU.

The CPU is at close to 100% in Task Manager while playing Generation Zero.

Please help me so that I can play this beautiful game. Otherwise I have spent money for nothing.

Important: I am from Germany and my English is not perfect. Therefore this text was translated with the help of Deepl.



My setup consists of:

GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080 (Gigabyte version)
CPU: Intel i9-9900k 8 cores 16 threads 3.6-5 Ghz
Motherboard: MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus (Intel motherboard)
Power supply: Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W
RAM: Vengeance LPX 2x8Gb (16Gb) DDR4 3000MHz
CPU Cooler: Artic Freezer 33
Hard drives: Samsung SSD 870 QVO (2TB)
WD Blue M.2 SSD (200GB)
Seagate Desktop HDD (1TB)

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Bumping because of the exact same issue with a similar setup. Running Total War Warhammer 3 max settings and more newer more intense games on ultra quality. I9-9900K and a 3070.

It’s not just a PC issue unfortunately, this is the only game I own that makes my PS4 so hot that it becomes a fire hazard. It’s not just a hardware problem If it is the only game in my sprawling catalog to do this.

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My CPU stays around 33%, while my GPU does the most work and gets up to 76 degrees. I have several other programs running at the same time. But my PC does not get too hot. So not sure what the cause is for the 100% Cpu load.

Did you mean 100% for the GPU instead of the CPU? Because my GPU gets up to 100%.

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The CPU does run pretty hot. Mines not up to 100°C, But I’ve hit a little over 90°C before (though it is rare.) Mines a Ryzen 9 5900x

I’ve not checked the load though.

Depending where you’re at in the world of Östertörn the demand on the CPU gets quite high. I had a Ryzen 5 2600 and in Östervik and some other regions the CPU spiked to 100% load and the framedrop was insane.

Last week I upgraded my CPU to a Ryzen 5 5600X and the load dropped to below 50% in Östervik, rarely spiking in the 60% region. Since a CPU upgrade isn’t that easy on the Intel platform unfortunately, maybe the cooling solution could be improved. I use a CPU cooler with 2 fans in a push-pull-formation. This keeps the CPU quite cool, preventing it from having to drop to lower clock frequencies.

The Arctic Freezer 33 is an ok cooler but I think for an 8-core CPU it’s a bit weak. Maybe you could improve the cooling solution adding another fan. Or maybe you could put another cooler onto your CPU. Having your CPU reach it’s max temp is always a sign to improve the cooling solution in any way. I don’t know what tower case you are using but maybe that can be improved too. Or you could use an AIO liquid cooler for your CPU. The Liquid Freezer series from Arctic got quite the good reviews.

I know this might not the reply you want to hear but I wouldn’t bet that the game engine gets improved in such a way that the requirements would be dropped significantly. The Apex engine isn’t a highly optimizable engine it seems, since the devs need to use measures like reducing the drawing distance or reduce assets to keep the engine going. So the best bet to increase the performance on your end is to improve your cooling solution (which should benefit other use cases as well).

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@knobitobi, I have a Ryzen 7 1800X 8 core processor and a Nvidia GForce GTX 1080 Ti.

I run GZ at ~100 Frames, and I almost never have frame-drops or crashes. The gpu takes all the load, sometimes upto 100%, but because of that the CPU keeps pretty low 30-40%.

When I play Dying Light 2 it"s the other way around, the CPU load is higher 45-50%, but here the GPU load is lower then with GZ, about 70%.

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100c hot cpu is not a game issue at all.
While yes there are times when my ps4 gets “hot” its not that bad. And its likly not as hot as some others ps4 “fire hazard”

Try cleaning your system. If its a pc try cleaning it and upgrading the cooling to the standard of the processors.

Processors run at 100% its totally normal but fire hazard hot and shutdown hot is a cooling issue. The ps4 is designed to run at 100% cpu and gpu for 72 hours stright with no brakes with the cooling system it comes with.

Cooling systems do need cleaning from time to time to retain their effectiveness.

Translation to German for original poster
100c heiße CPU ist überhaupt kein Spielproblem.
Ja, es gibt Zeiten, in denen meine PS4 “heiß” wird, aber das ist nicht so schlimm. Und es ist wahrscheinlich nicht so heiß wie einige andere PS4 “Brandgefahr”

Versuchen Sie, Ihr System zu reinigen. Wenn es sich um einen PC handelt, versuchen Sie, ihn zu reinigen und die Kühlung auf den Standard der Prozessoren aufzurüsten.

Prozessoren laufen zu 100 % ganz normal, aber Brandgefahr heiß und Abschalten heiß ist ein Kühlproblem. Die PS4 ist so konzipiert, dass sie mit dem mitgelieferten Kühlsystem 72 Stunden lang ohne Bremsen mit 100 % CPU und GPU läuft.

Kühlsysteme müssen von Zeit zu Zeit gereinigt werden, um ihre Leistungsfähigkeit zu erhalten.


@Gysbert, those old 8-cores hold up pretty good if you manage to keep them cool. In this case it managed to push your 1080Ti to 100%. My old R5 2600 was a bit too weak to push my old 1080 to max in GZ.

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Seems you all missed the mark on what the topic was about.

This game is running hot.
For a lot of people with good rigs, that never see this on other games.

There is a problem here that needs to be addressed. Soon.

I’m running an i7-8700K (not doing any overclocking), with an RX Vega GPU and 16GB RAM. I even added a custom (more aggressive) custom fan curve, so this should be running COOLER, not HOTTER.

No other game I run has these issues.

Most games, my GPU (even running at close to 100%) never tops 65C.
This game, the moment it starts up, my temps run to 72C and start climbing.

Monitoritng temps with on-screen overlay in corner from AMD Adrenaline (not that it matters from where, once you start asking that, you’re missing the point).

Bottom line: This game runs too hot. It’s a known problem. It should be fixed. Quick.

If not, I’ll have no choice but to start warning everybody I can online to avoid ANY game from these developers. Maybe they don’t think that matters, or don’t care, but it’s what I can do in the time when I’m online wishing to play this, but can’t run it.


My system under 100% load during a 5 minute stress test and you can see the temp is coming up along with the CPU fan running at 100% You can see the temp of the core.

During a battle in Gen Zero and you can see where my CPU and GPU are at and the CPU doesn’t seem to be working very hard to run the game.

My processor is an I5-10400.
It has been 6 to 8 months since I have opened my case and looked to clean dust off all cooling fins and the fan blades. My filter also may need to be inspected and clean since I do have carpet and a dog that sheds. Dust builds up regularly on my filters so I may get some stress test improvement from doing a little case Maintenace.

Before bashing a software, you may want to rule out your system isn’t having a cooling system issue by doing a stress test. Getting to a very high temp when running at 100% could be an under lying cooling system issue.

I played this game earlier on i5 4670K, and now on i7 10700K - never ever did I have any problems with high CPU temperature or 100% utilisation :man_shrugging:

My PC tends to get warm when I play demanding games for extended periods of time, but I’ve got manual fan control if the load gets too much. In any case it’s never gotten so hot it’s become a problem with GZ.

If anyone wants to know, my CPU is an i3-8350K @ 4.00GHz.

I play with a Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop and never had problems with temperature despite that it is a Laptop. As we had 38 °C ouitside it never had the problems it only gets loud while the fans inside are running. At this hot temperatures i used an additional Fan what is underneath the Laptop. But that was not really necessary.

My CPU is an intel Core i5 9th Gen. with 2.4 GHz (8 cores) NVIDIA GeForce GTX1660 Ti

I have the exact same problem and the exact same CPU.

Have a 3080 TI.

I Also have watercooling so to see my CPU go up to 80 degrees+ was jawdropping.

Its the game.

Wonder if Wallenberg invested in computer parts and trying to destroy ppls setups so they can sell.

Well Wallenbergs have done alot dirtier work