1000 Hours and a Handful of Bugs

Here’s an assorted list of bugs and oddities that I’ve found after many hours of playing through Feb 2023’s update. All were found whilst playing on the same PC:

PC, Steam

Host or Client:

Players in your game:
Solo / rarely Multiplayer (+1-2 players)

Windows 10, Intel i7-2600K, 8GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1070


1. Experimental Sledgehammer loses all charges when dropping items from inventory

2. When initiating combat by shooting a machine’s component the FPS drop dramatically for a couple seconds

3. Harvesters occasionally get stuck looping their ‘curl-up’ animation and are unable to call reinforcements or anything else. To reset them have to use EMP, stagger them with explosives or leave the area and allow them to despawn

4. Machine wreckages react with each other and often catapult themselves (sometimes hilariously violently) away from each other

5. The Firebird wreckage has no hitbox and provides no cover, so enemies can fire directly through it

6. Firebird wreckages seem to sometimes vanish without notice (it could be that the wreckage simply catapults itself away at great distance without me knowing, but this usually only happens when interacting with other wreckages)

7. Projectiles and missiles disappear immediately when colliding with a Wolf wreckage, instead of properly impacting it

8. Audio from a Wolf completely or almost completely disappears when the unit is occluded by almost any object

9. Frequently encounter ‘burst-fire’ bug from Soviet machines (particularly Lynxes and Firebirds)

10. Although the Wolf’s gatling has a limited firing arc (rear blind spot), it often still snaps to the player, killing them almost instantly. Bug also occurs with Tanks and even Harvesters, though more rarely

11. There are auditory glitches (clicks, pops, etc. almost like there’s a loose audio jack) as units spawn at FNIX bases when the player’s at the maximum distance for spawning to occur. The audio normalises at closer ranges

12. Volkov fire rate is much lower than weapon stats suggest (i.e. Moler stats show lower RPM, yet has higher actual RPM than Volkov)

13. New European weapons have no affect on ammo drop rates and quantities

I noticed that even though I was using ammo efficiently and had maxed the Salvage skill, I was constantly running low on ammo for every European weapon I was using (Volkov, Vosa, PM-71 and Vintovka). This was odd, since this had never happened for any other weapon. The game dynamically adjusts the ammo drop rate and ammo quantities based on the weapons and ammo the player has in their inventory. So, the lower the ammo for an available weapon in your inventory, the more frequently the ammo appears and in greater quantities.

I did quite a bit of testing of this by recording ammo drop rates and quantities when holding no ammo and varying my held weapons and Salvage skill level. To ensure the test parameters could be reproduced accurately, I made a backup of my save file before testing and reloaded it before each test. I also made the exact same journey (through Tarnboda skans, Himfjall Island) to check the same loot boxes and corpses. I first checked the ‘background/base’ drop rate/qty’s by performing the following tests:

Test 1: weapons N/A, Salvage N/A
Test 2: weapons N/A, Salvage LVL 1
Test 3: weapons N/A, Salvage LVL 2

I never collected any ammo during the tests to ensure it didn’t affect the results. Once I had an idea of the base rates, I then ran multiple tests of holding different assortments of weapons (with different ammo types - no duplicates) and varying the Salvage levels. What I found was that basically all other weapons had a significant affect on ammo drop rate/qty (at least 2x drop rate and between 5-12x the qty), whereas the European weapons were identical to the base rates, thus having no affect at all. Currently, you’ll need to carry an additional weapon with the same ammo type to find enough ammo to consistently run any European weapon.

14. The mini bunkers within FOA2 spawn only the doors (no concrete bunker), which disappear once opened and closed

15. Textures for the inner door of burnt-out cars are either incorrect or missing

16. Elements (walls, decorations, etc.) used in base defence can be destroyed completely (even from full HP) by machine wreckage and debris falling on or within its build space. It basically deletes the element without it having being attacked!

17. When the jukebox is set to play continuously, the music is inaudible when returning to the base. Jukebox has to be stopped and started again

18. When sorting attachments by Type in inventory, an unusual “Found no name 22” filter is displayed in filter list. Nothing is displayed when selected

19. Crafting resources show in Equipment tab when transferring items

20. AG4 and AG5 don’t sort alphabetically correctly. Most noticeable with multiple weapons of each

21. Machine textures/shadows flicker and disappear when previewing them via the collectable Blueprints

22. Some captured control points work as reliable spawn locations (i.e. Sjoglimten), yet others don’t (i.e. Tyloveden), forcing the player to spawn at the next closest safe house

23. Incorrect 3D schematic images and thumbnails used for Compressed Air Tank and Explosive Gas Tank under the Equipment tab of the Schematic menu

24. Weapons often display incorrectly when applying new skins in the inventory. Attachments are often only shown, sometimes nothing at all (e.g. Brannboll Bat is missing 100% of time when applying skin)

25. Game sometimes suffers dramatic spontaneous FPS loss that lasts on average around 20-30 sec for unknown reasons. Didn’t occur prior to Feb update

I usually sit above 60 FPS quite comfortably, but here you can see how the FPS dived to 23 FPS. Sometimes it drops even further

26. Assorted map and object glitches
Location 1:

Location 2:

Location 3:

Location 4:


1. The 5C Algstudsare does more damage than 5C Vintovka

This might be intended, but considering just how rare the 5C Vintovka is and how time consuming it is to find, it feels incredibly disappointing to discover that it’s an inferior weapon. This is compounded by the fact that every other crown of the Vintovka is substantially superior in damage compared to its Algstudsare counterpart - ONLY THE 5C IS WORSE! It’s hard-earned, but its performance is lacklustre at best.

2. Loudness when moving through bushes

Given all the noise the machines and player can make, a gentle brush with a bush (even once the Movement Noise skill has been maxed) is apparently louder and more discernible to the machines than virtually any other noise (minus firing a large, unsilenced weapon).

3. Despite having the largest Tick bay, Tanks only release one Tick. Is this intended?

4. Some attachment skins appear to missing or bugged

  • N16 3C and 4C Extended Mag skin are identical. Missing unique skin?
  • N60 3C and 4C Extended Mag skin are identical. Missing unique skin?
    (the N9 doesn’t have this problem)
  • N60 5C Extended Mag appears to glow and be translucent. Not sure if this is intended


1. Items in ‘Equipped’ inventory tab appear to be randomly ordered

Would be good to have it ordered by slot number by default instead

2. Items in the inventory are randomly scattered within their sort subcategory

When items in the inventory are sorted, for instance alphabetically, the bulk of the items are sorted as expected (except the AG4 and AG5), however if you have many different tiers of the same weapon, there is no secondary sorting and so the game jumbles them up randomly. This can be troublesome (to say the least) when you’re attempting to recycle items and the order of these items on your list changes after each item is recycled, potentially causing you to accidentally recycle the wrong item.
It would be a huge improvement (especially for large/bloated inventories) if there was a secondary filter that could be applied (even if by default, without player alteration), allowing the player to sort by item quality, amount, alphabetical, etc. within the subcategory.

3. Now that we can mark items, include a TAKE MARKED option and shortcut when looting

4. Exceptional vs Special quality weapon/attachment skins

The 4C vanilla weapons (and some attachments) look like the most well-maintained version, with every crown below it adding more wear. The 5C version, on the other hand, has a one-of-a-kind, collector’s flare to it, where it looks as if it were designed using extravagant materials by an expert craftsman. Other than the improved stats, the Special skin distinguishes itself above its other tiers.
DLC weapons, on the other hand, don’t follow this trend. The 5C skins are basically on-par with the vanilla 4C skins, as there’s nothing unique and ‘special’ about them other than their stats (for most weapons - I’m looking at you 5C Kotenok and S21!). They’re missing the care that was afforded the vanilla weapons/items, which is a bit disappointing given the extra investment.
DLC attachments do have a leg-up on some vanilla attachments (basically weapon mags) as there are visual differences between each tier. This is a nice touch that could be implemented to improve vanilla attachments visuals.

5. Last and least: the arrow vanishes immediately from the Resistance Bow when the changing ammo animation starts

It would be cleaner for it to remain there for entire animation duration.



I would have given you at least 31 likes, if possible. Very good research and documentation. :+1:

@Madchaser Cheers! Had I the time and patience, I would’ve submitted them separately as I encountered them, but that 5C Vintovka wasn’t gonna find itself :laughing:

I know. I don’t have it yet. There is a known bug for it’s drop rate. It should be dropped by wolves, too, but just is dropped from firebirds.

Btw. It took me about one and a half year to get the 5c Älgstudsare.

I just saw on your screenshots that you seem to use mods on Generation Zero. (1000kg of space in plundra).

Keep in mind that it violates the EULA of the game and that they can cause the game not working properly. There is no support for issues related to using mods.

Especially your FPS issues may be caused by the used mods.

For sure there’s a chance that some issues may be caused by mods (have only used expanded Plundra and Uncapped Skills). Having used mods extensively in many other games in the past, I can never say definitively that an issue isn’t caused by a mod, but in my experience it usually correlates to the scope of changes the modding makes, which in my current case, is about the softest modding I’ve ever done (2 minor alterations). So I’d be surprised if anything other than the odd performance leak was attributable to the mods I’m currently using.
When the Feb patch rolled around I had no mods installed, but encountered a number of these bugs early on (incl. all the FPS loss bugs). I would occasionally make note and take a screenshot of it, but not always post it. Later, as I was playing more regularly with the mods enabled, I kept encountering the same bugs and decided it’d be worth making a note of them in case they were consistent for others playing vanilla.

P.S. I was lucky enough to find the 5C Algstudsare early on, but found it vastly outmatched by even the standard PVG 90. I was really hoping the 5C Vintovka was going to shake things up a little for silencer enabled sniping, especially since all but the 5C were markedly superior in damage than the equivalent crown of Algstudsare. I still hope they reconsider the current stats.

I’m afraid that the usage of mods and/or third party software voids you of any support.

I appreciate the effort that has gone into this report, but since there are so many unknowns related to modified game files there isn’t much that can be done.

And since it involves breaking the game’s TOS I have to lock this thread.