12g slug ammo + shotgun choke =?

So obviously slug ammo doesn’t spread so a shotgun choke can’t reduce its spread, but is there any other possible benefit to using a choke with slugs? Like does it increase accuracy or effective range or something?

If not then I’ll be happy to leave the suppressor on my pump-action shotgun, but I’ve been curious about this and have been having trouble testing it in my game.

Also, does anyone know how far shotgun slugs retain their damage potential? Right now in my game I’m carrying around a hunting rifle and scoped/suppressed 12g shotgun with the slugs to kind of compare their performance at sniping machine components. Still having trouble deciding how far out I can reliably use the shotgun in this way.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks for reading!

they have far less range maybe around 30-40m

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The choke will add range but its really not all that much.
If we state the defined slug range is 30 the choke will bump it to 35.
Choke =shotgun barrel extender when it comes to slugs but its very proportional so you don’t really get any more range.

Choke is far better for buck and bird

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Excellent, thank you both for the insights

With my pump action im running, slug, scope, & silencer. That combination is deadly for runners. Just scope in on the tank & boom!

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My thoughts exactly!