#184 Challenges


Alright…lets see the other 184 challenge profile’s that’s put the work in!


And the point of your topic is exactly what? To see other people who have completed all the challenges?

If so, here are my results;



There’s not much more to do until anything new arrives - so I’m sure there are those still working on the challenges and though a thread about it would be beneficial for anyone struggling with anything…specific.

There are, and is an evolving community of players that are towards the later stages of the game and no doubt - had issues along the way and may need guidance.


Challenges are straight forward and hovering over them gives additional tooltips about them as well.

Only guide for them is for the ones that require killing X amount of machines. Since not all know where e.g FNIX class machines spawn. But Deca Map shows their spawn locs quite reliably. Though, method of killing e.g runner, harv or tick vary and there could be some pointers to give out, when needed.