1x - 4x scopes on Kvm 59 & Kvm 89

I propose that we add the 1x - 4x rifle scopes to the Machineguns

For what purpose? The AG4 is much better for controlled fire anyway. I never uderstood why people put sights on the machineguns. The red dot bounces and vibrates like crazy when firing, making it more annoying than useful. The machineguns are most effective with iron sights! If you haven’t even tried that, and just always used the red dot, I suggest you try playing without it for a while. :blush:


No I don’t use the red dot it is horrible but I would just like it as a option. It would be specially usefull on the kvm Squad Automatic Weapon 89. Its recoil is good enough. + if they add functional bi-pods it would be a good option.

At least in the real world you put red dot/reflex sights on LMG because it is easier to keep the sight picture with those kind of sights than the (usually) small iron sights that requires that your head is in a very specific position behind them. So the same reason you put it on most guns, red-dot/reflex-sight also allow you to acquire the sight picture in more irregular firing positions.
And LPVO:s are on LMGs to make target identification at longer engagement distances possible.

In game I really dislike the red dot because it is not a red dot, the dot is not illuminated which make it kinda sh*t when it is dark.
But on the EXP kvm and K-pist the iron sights on the other hand are to damn bright in low light also :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also like to see 1-4X scopes on LMGs in game.

In reality, yes that’s correct, but only for controlled fire.

I am a shooter and a hunter, and know a thing or two about various types of sights, and in what situations they’re useful.

I’m also an MG3 gunner in the Home Guard, and I can honestly say that a riflescope on a machinegun would be mostly useless. When firing full-auto at a target you can barely even use the sights to stay on point because of all the smoke and recoil. You have to pay attention to where the tracer rounds are hitting to help correct your aim. Another important note is that machineguns are meant for suppressing fire, not for accurate shooting. For some degree of accuracy, at least stick to very short bursts. (Not easy with the MG3 :sweat_smile:)

I also have experience with the G3, the HK416 and the MP7. The 7,62 has too much recoil for continuous full-auto fire, but for the smaller caliber assault rifles and machine pistols you are able to stay on target using a red dot sight, if you’re shooting short bursts. Full-auto is really something you just use in video games. :+1:

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Cool, would have loved to try the MG 3! I have only very limited experience from the KSP58 and KSP90, got the opportunity to use them on a Swedish home guard exercise a few years back.

How ever many armies in the world equip their LMGs with magnified optics but they are not of the “standard” riflescope type of course. For instance the M145 MGO have seen widespread adoption.

So gamewise something like that would be an nice addition to the LMGs.

You couldnt be more right, have used the AK4 in real life quite a lot and trying to use it in full-auto and expecting to hit what you intended is not really realistic unless that target is more or less right in front of you :stuck_out_tongue: