2 Different Features I’d Love To See Implemented

Let me start off by saying that I love this game. It’s a beautiful game and looks amazing on my Xbox One X in 4k. It’s by far one of my most favorite open-world RPGs out to date. Even with all of it’s bugs. But here are 2 different features I’d love to see implemented into the game.

Hard Mode/Survivalist Difficulty -
While currently the game offers a bit of difficulty, specifically in the early game or when you first reach the main island. This game gets to be a tad easy after of which. You begin to take down tanks and groups of hunters with little to no problem. A higher difficulty with features like less ammo/health items found, a limit/change to the stamina function, limited HUD viewing, ammo capacity changes and greater damage taken/damage dealt would make for a great addidition to the game for more veteran gamers or people seeking a higher challenge. It would require players to make use of already implemented strategies/items such as fuel tanks and a lure or stealth. It would also give players a better sense of accomplishment and immersion into the already dangerous world of Generation Zero.

Changes To Options (HUD/Aim Assist Sens.) -
A nice feature I would love to see is to turn on/off different elements of the HUD screen. I personally believe it would be a lot of fun to be able to turn of certain HUD elements such as the ammo counter or the compass on the top of the screen. It would allow for me to feel more immersed into the world and have a higher sense of realism.
Aim assist in the game currently, is way too strong for my preference. I am unable to keep up with Seekers or Runners while zoomed in when they are about medium range from me and running sideways. Adding the option to lower aim assist sensitivity would be an excellent feature for some of us console players who wish to adjust this.

Just curious, but do you primarily play solo or co-op? Not being judgmental or anything, just trying to make a point to ask people I see commenting about the game being ‘easy’ so that the devs can get a better idea about why people think it’s easy.

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I primarily play solo, surprisingly. I am a bit asocial so I generally don’t like to play with people outside of my friend group but none of them play this game. I have played a little bit online though and it’s not too bad. I just prefer solo play.

But don’t take my reply on it being too easy to heart as I’ve been playing games since I was old enough to hold a controller and I would consider myself a “semi-pro” at video games in general.