2 ideas to solve the weapon drop and weapon dupe issue

What I heard so far:

  1. RNG sucks.
  2. Weapon Drop Rate sux.
  3. Weapon Duping a being a thing.

We have:

  1. Base Drop based on RNG.
  2. Level based drop for higher tier weapons.
  3. Folks duping, thus cheating the systems.

System that highly likely will solve the entire three issues:
Lever based weapon equip/use!

That is correct: we can now, if we implement this simple system, tackle these issues… and more.
No more need for RNG, no more need for duping…
On top, this will PARTIALLY fix balance out a bit.

Naturally, many will of course again dislike this system, because it “depowers” them.
This then is a good thing, as we players are very overpowered, and the machines “underintellected”.
It does surely not fix the machine AI, but folks won’t be able to kill machines from level -20 with top notch weaponry.

Level Class
00-05 Dillilulloliputer.
06-10 Worn
11-16 Good
17-22 Exceptional
23-28 Special
29-31 Experimental

The logic is quite bloody straightforward, and one cannot dispute this will fix the problems shown above.
Additionally, as mentioned, it will also help the inexistent balance out a BIT, by depriving players of OP weapon use.



No thank you is all I can say about that.


Considering most ppl playing this are already in the end game grind for the experimental weapons or lmg’s this would only impact on new or future players. It seems to have a massive drop off when ppl get past the early game.

You only have to look at the difference in percentages of players who achieve the early trophies and the mid game trophies. Most of the end game trophies are only unlocked by about 10% or less of the people who bought the game.

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Too high level equipped weapons would unequip, OR turn red, unable to be used.

That has NOTHING to do with my suggestions, but other issues, my friend.

Sorry: no motivation, I cannot accept your answer.
Please motivate why not?

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I was just commenting on your suggestion being so dramatic a change that imo it would only affect newer players and probably annoy end game players.

As for logic I would absolutely dispute that this would fix the drop rate of weapons. As these changes would not affect the algorithm that is currently implemented at this time.

As even at lvl 31 the drop rate is insanely low for exp weapons unless your suggestion is from lvl 29 onward every rival drops a exp weapon?

This is exactly what needs done. Only lvl 4 rivals drop exp weapons and you have a 10% chance of this happening further every exp weapon dropped is tracked to your character to prevent duplication.

This is a fair but rewarding system and would be ten times better than what we currently have.

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Did you read what I wrote?
Existing older players would also be affected: the weapon, if above the player level requirement, would either unequip, or turn red, not usable.
I already said this in the first post, and quoted that later to /GUESS WHO/!
Twice you bring this up, though answered?

Algorithms will no more be needed.
One could even place them free around the map, makes no difference, since… use-locked by level.
Bye bye “bad drop rate”.

As said right above: no more drop rate needed.

Anything else, sir? :slight_smile:

I think the idea sucks, plain and simple. Part of what made me like this game was that low level characters could play with high levels characters on euqal terms, the only thing that made a difference were the aquired skills, none of which is so powerful that it makes any real difference tbh - which is a good thing. You can share items freely with your fellow player which again, is a good thing (I’m pretty sure most players would agree).

Your idea would lead to more harm than good in that it possibly would lead to splitting the player base (some would for sure kick out low level players that joined their game because they had so crappy weapons).

So no, I don’t like the idea at all, and I for sure hope the devs ignores this thread. Having the exp. weapons being locked by level to even have a chance to drop is quite enough, and I do hope the devs won’t expand on this system to affect other areas as well, but quite honestly to revert that what they did, and take a serious look at the droprate - perhaps that is an area they could look into, the higher your level the higher the chance to get an exp. weapon to drop?


You didn’t answer my question fully and instead have pivoted by now saying weapons would be placed in locations around the map.

So if this was to happen what would be the purpose of rivals?

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I did, partially.
Drops simply would not matter any more, so why not even place them on the map?

So, you say, a low level = a high level?
If not, then NO, low levels are not supposed to be on par with high levels.
That, in fact, would destroy the very meaning of levels!

Not true, even right now players with low level stuff can be in a high level team, and do serious damage.
Or are you saying all low levels have for their level uber weapons?
In that case, this idea REALLY should be implemented, as low levels are not supposed to be on par with high ones?

And this is the true reason, isn’t it.
BUT, that IS a good reason, for an opinion, and I surely respect it.
Then again:

Should emotion outrun logic and practicality?
Merely asking…
I do hope, they actually will, as it fixes a lot of issues.
And as I see it… breaks nothing.

The reason for levels is players not being on par.
Thus, this should not be seen, I think, AS an issue…

Heavier enemies.
On the main land.
It’s a welcome feat…

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Thanks for responding. This kind of gameplay overhaul at this stage would be very costly to implement and test i’m sure for the development team.

However if a generation zero 2 was on the table and they wanted to make it radically different from the first and to make fans of the first dive in again and in doing so give them something fresh and a new take on gameplay this with a crafting system rather than a rng loot based gameplay with the same overall fps action based gameplay could be a winner!

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For testing, no need.
Tie weapon to level… done.

Cost… Now THIS could be a darn good point.
What it would cost, you mean man our time (the hour cost to person), and the actual time invested…
Yes, could be a point, true!!!
Good one!

Now, I would like to point out that, basically, balancing out the drop rate AND RNG stats is extremely likely even MORE time consuming, thus costly.
And people REALLY complain!
This leads to… less players, I would assume.
Also, this eliminates duping, as said in the first post.
Not sure how bad this is to the Devs in their perspective, but a few players (and for good reason) seem to not really appreciate it.

So… while you have an EXCELLENT point for cost… how do you see my thought on it?

Do note, I made this post to try and give an idea to fix 2 issues and one partially: balance.
No other reason, at all… :slight_smile:

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For future add-on weapons, it is FAR more faster and easier to use my system, than again needing to balance out these new weapons their drop rate AND RNG rate to their respective droppers (machines).
Where new weapons will need to be completely balanced out in both in the current system, my system allows immediate implementation: add the weapon classes to level: done.
No balancing out, no angry bird… ERM… players, …
Just a FIXED base and be done with it.

PS: also: very time consuming, thus MONEY is saved out? :wink:

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When writing code or changing code in a game depending on the engine can be very tricky.

I’ve seen small changes made to software that then like a falling domino created so many issues that can then take dozens of hours if not days trying to recitfy. This is were a lot of cost can occur and true some developers can wizz through problems like this pretty quickly but they are the minority :wink:

Perhaps this is also the reason that some players (thankfully I’ve been lucky) after every update seem to have issues with crashes even a year after launch.

But at least the development team are trying which is commendable in an industry like gaming which is very cut throat!


Aye, that is true.

Hmmm… you think… since my idea is by all means a literal simplification… it could actually break something?
I am not a coder… I have not got the slightest here…
For all I know, it actually might fix something the RNG/Drop rate broke, considering it is a simplification of the current system?
and might even prevent breaks future wise due to it being so very simplistic?
I mean… no more elaborate calculation, no big files, …
Just add weapon, point to level X to Y… done…?

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Adding or making alterations to generation zero and the work/time it would entail is impossible for me to comment on.

Adding a system ie. levels to weapons that also has to link in with each players level allowing then use of said weapon while also making sure that it won’t be exploitable by the co-op system of players at different levels would definitely require a lot of work and probably take quite a while to implement.

Just my 2 cents!

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Thank you. +10
I take this as very valuable possibility, thus very valuable in general!
These few points you gave are damn good possible counterpoints!!!
Love it!


Any coder that can shed a wee light on this?


I would love for one of the developers to comment :wink:

We’re a friendly bunch come talk to us!

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Actually, that is an even BETTER one than what you said so far, and that was dang great!
Would love that, really!!!
Another +10

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could every weapon be given a unique UUID , and when the engine detects two the same it removes the newly introduced one ?

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Yes, but this would come at the cost of data size and programming time.
Although, for the latter, I would need to again ask a coder about this, just how much time it might consume…
Love this idea: erase dupes?
All for it!!!