2 ideas to solve the weapon drop and weapon dupe issue

Adding or making alterations to generation zero and the work/time it would entail is impossible for me to comment on.

Adding a system ie. levels to weapons that also has to link in with each players level allowing then use of said weapon while also making sure that it won’t be exploitable by the co-op system of players at different levels would definitely require a lot of work and probably take quite a while to implement.

Just my 2 cents!

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Thank you. +10
I take this as very valuable possibility, thus very valuable in general!
These few points you gave are damn good possible counterpoints!!!
Love it!


Any coder that can shed a wee light on this?


I would love for one of the developers to comment :wink:

We’re a friendly bunch come talk to us!

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Actually, that is an even BETTER one than what you said so far, and that was dang great!
Would love that, really!!!
Another +10

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could every weapon be given a unique UUID , and when the engine detects two the same it removes the newly introduced one ?

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Yes, but this would come at the cost of data size and programming time.
Although, for the latter, I would need to again ask a coder about this, just how much time it might consume…
Love this idea: erase dupes?
All for it!!!

Here’s an idea to erase ALL dupes AND prevent further duping of weapons: Make a (tiny) DLC or patch.
Make it that the current saves no longer will work on the update: thus a new one has to be made.
Make it so, weapons no longer can be dropped to others.

Additional advantage: longevity for all players, as they will have to seek their own crap… erm… weapons.
Oh, I am such a genius. XD

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After asking Sir Floreit, who is programmer, I learned this:

  1. Yes, this is extremely feasible.
  2. It is easy to implement.
  3. it is easily written and would take maximum 2 days.
  4. It would ease further implementations of new guns super easy.
  5. Yes, it is massively better than current (bugged) system.
    From a programmer PoV: DO THIS…

The same sir Floreit ALSO said, and this from a PLAYER PoV… he would never like this.
He did not really motivate why, however, I did not really ask to motivate it in our conversation.
While sure, it is absolutely for the best for the game, it’s just… “not fun”.
While I would prefer the idea in MY game, some seem to not like it.
To me, practicality and logic prevails in this specific matter, because… autism.
I just LOVE logic and practicality.

But that is ME.
Could someone please be so kind to motivate why they do NOT want it?

Thank you.

One issue and unavoidable issue with weapon quality tied to char level, comes from cheating. IF weapon quality is tied to char lvl, then we’d see A LOT more XP/skill point cheaters. There is already more than enough cheaters in GZ, no point to make more.

As far the initial topic goes, i still prefer the way it was in the early days: hard time through the game but guaranteed reward at the end. Now, it’s easy breeze through the game and grind at the end.

This then is a story for a different post, I think.

No matter HOW, XP/Level cheating can be killed of dead easily…

The main issue with the level locked weapon quality system is that it’s too big of a change to make. If GZ would be in Alpha/Beta and then this change comes before launch, then, perhaps yes, it could work. But changing the race rules in the middle of a race is a big no-no from me.


It is actually extremely EASY and FAST to do, from a progammer’s PoV…? O_O
Also, some are already level locked?
But, that the DROP is level locked, thus promotes cheating.

Unless you don’t have extensive knowledge about Apex engine and doesn’t know how user friendly it is, you can’t say “extremely easy and fast” about it. E.g it’s far easier to program in Phyton than in C++.

Reason: balance.

Every restriction in the game, be it level locked, mission locked etc can be said to promote cheating since people usually either don’t have the time or don’t want to spend the time to achieve said goal (items).

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restriction on lvl to use higher tier gear. well if i have the gear on on char why shold i not be aloved to use it on my 3e char when lving that one to 31 as the only way to lvl now in game is to kill robots or shoot relaybecons and that takes some time. i have redone my save one time to play the content whit the dlc to get an good story and hade one of my friends hold my good guns to have them still on my new save is there some thing in that that is not ok? shold i just take my old save whit 3 lvl 31 chars and all are happy i dont get it. i play this game cose its fun and i like the story the experiemental guns are some power to the player and more fun to use then the standard ones and as i grinded them out whit my game time i think im entiteld to use them as it fits me. i joined some multi player sessions whit ppl that hade GRGs firing at full auto and imens movment speed and cold not die that for me is no fun i understand why some one is not enjoing playing whit that kind of ppl.

an bigger issue is the ppl that joine some multiplays whit ther own agenda to do ther own thing in an hoste world that is trying to get trow the story for the first time i think that is just bad manners and a bigger problem then any one using higher tier guns on low lvl chars

There is no such restriction in the game currently. What there is, is restriction of experimental weapon drops from killed Rivals.

If you are using char who’s level is 24 or below, you won’t get any experimental weapon drops. Your char needs to be level 25 or above to get experimental weapon drops from killed Rivals.

However, that doesn’t stop you using experimental weapons at all. If you already have an experimental weapon, you can use it with any level char of yours, e.g lvl1, lvl13, lvl21 etc.

it was some ones suggestion to implement an restriction in game i was replying to im new to te forums but not new to the game as i have been playing for a good while and i have all the guns i need. and then some and i have goten eperimental guns 2 of them after the april uppdate one (glock 17 and an AG4 that i did give away as i have them from previus =) bout droped on avanture from fnix tank and one from an tank apocalypse class bout rival lvl 4 the later one was on dlc island

Hi im not sure if this is the right topic for this question.
But is it any rules about trading experimental guns in game as i have some spare ones i dont have any use for.

And the crafting tab is almost full.

My inventory is full as well i have to mutch of bout ammo and gear. and i see that ppl have less good rng on geting stuff.

i joined an multiplayer session today and asked if any one needed any stuff. one said he/she did not have an luck whit the event and wanted an experimental KVM59. and i was about to dropp it for this person but there was another person in the session that said your not allowed to give away gear in game to ppl that where not in that session you got it from.

Is this true? and i never ask for any thing in return and its just to be a nice person. can i get in trubbel for giving stuff away?

my problem is inventory space as i have one char currently stocked whit 1.5 ton or so (he aint moving =P ) of gear and ammo in that pile there is more then 8 experimentals i have more then one of. im used to just put the experimental guns in my box and use them on all my chars one of them will probably alway be mule for gear and ammo. and less then mobile

So is there any rule that says i cant hand out stuff for free?

And i looted all the stuff in game and most of it in singel player some in mp. to be honest i dont think i have the computer skills to even cheat in any game =D


There is no rule what-so-ever that dictates that you can not donate or trade items in MP game. However, there is a rule in EULA which prohibits your to sell and buy items with real money.

So, you are free to give away (donate) any item you desire in MP games. Also, you can trade items in MP game. Though, there are no set trade rules. Trade comes down to both parties to decide what they like to get for what.


Thank you then i know.

I have been playing for along while but i have only done Mp most of the time whit my friends.

And not so many public sessions started whit those on my new save that is only 300h or so. as i enjoy building chars for testing stuff. some of it was for group builds. and i hade 2 missions that where bugged so i hade to do an new save.

And im also new to the forum some so i dont know my way around =)