2020 and still crashes


Man it bothers me I really like this game . Me and my buddies tried to play the game when it first come out on the Xbox one . But as you all know it was buggy . Be it frame dropping kicking you out of the lobby or just crashing . Now it’s 2020 and most of the same bugs still exists near to the same rate as it did when the game come out . I hate it cos the game as so much potential and is fun . I would have fixed this before releasing DLC :man_shrugging:t2:


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Well, truth be told, they should not have released the DLC until PS4 got fixed.
They did not even get the DLC.

As for XBOX, the issues on PS4 are far more worse than those on XBOX, sir.
Now, please do understand, I am not saying the XBOX issues are not bad!
Only that PS4 has it worse, and do not even have FNIX Rising.

As for not releasing even more things before the fixes have been done… I am 2000% behind that, good sir.

But it’s a small team, it’s originally a PC game, which needs to be ported to other systems (consoles).
Then there’s the corona issue, that added to the mess.

I think that asking outside help from the console makers would cost quite a bit, and that Avalanche cannot afford it.
But that’s speculation on my part.

It is not fun for you.
It is not fun for the other console users.
But I can tell you… it’s much, MUCH harder on the team, sir…

All we can do is be patient, and try to be supportive.
The Team surely needs support, now more than ever…

Thank you very much, sir.


It’s gone way past the point of an internal fix now.

They will need to out source this to additional development companies in order to get it back on track.


If they had released it in a proper state they wouldn’t need outside help and they could focus on new content and fine tuning the game…
Still waiting for the update which I’m not sure I will download…at least not immediately…every update comes with new bugs on PS4…I can live with the current bugs :blush: