3 issues with the Companion Bot

  1. I’m not always able to repair the Companion, no matter how damaged he is. I’ve not been able to isolate this enough to be reliably repeatable, but it has been about half the time.

  2. The Companion bot sets off friendly land mines. I’m not sure whether this was intended, but if it was then it severely limits things like Base Defense and setting up traps for Rivals/Reaper.

  3. The Companion bot randomly runs away during combat. With no way to control or direct the Companion, he will randomly target something 200m away and take off after it, regardless of what the player is engaged with. For instance, going to fight a rival tank, and choosing a spot where there are practically no other bots. Once the shooting starts, the Companion will target a runner or seeker off on the horizon, take off after it, and when it comes back it’s bringing about 10 other bots with it. If controlling/commanding the bot is too much, at least limit his target pool to bots that are actively engaged with the player.

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Mine decided to run around and not shoot enemies. Maybe he just wants to play.

And sometimes the player does not gain experience from enemies destroyed by the companion.

You can’t repair always read this

No, I mean I can’t repair him after the armor is gone

And you have repair kits in your backpack?

Just to clarify, you cannot repair the companion armor, only replace it via the companion station. However, you can repair your companion’s health after the armor runs out with a repair kit.

That’s correct. For clarity, I have repair kits in my inventory, and I can’t always repair (I’m not trying to repair the armor, this is after he’s out of armor). In my trying to get it to work, I’ve found that I can more reliably repair him if I pick him up and put him down at least twice.

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