3 side quest locations in fnix rising help

Ive been trying to find the side quest “the virus” for awhile now. I need that trophy. I cannot find the start location anyway and my warboard has nothing on it. Im also missing synapes quest and trust no one.

My main quest is bugged at follow calle’s truck. The truck did not spawn and so i cant follow him. I have completed the quest twice in my friends games so in my game the tank is already destroyed. Its likely a bug that the devs missed of multiplayer screwing up your single player game.

Does anyone know where those quests begin? The video guide isnt of any use thats posted here, the wiki has nothing on fnix rising and not even youtube has anything.

The virus
Trust no one

Trust no one will be marked on your map, it´s on Farmlands Overby farm if i´m not mistaken.
The others begin at the war board, if they are not there you have to move through the main missions…including the one you have bugged.

Note: The game is super buggy, if you want to finish all missions and all related achievements never but NEVER play multiplayer before doing them first.
That is what i did and everything was ok.


Alright ill check the farm. Ill see if my friends have the virus quest, hopefully they do so i can get that trophy. Once the melee 20 vehicles trophy is fixed ill have 100% the game