3 Things I would love to see


I want to qualify myself 1st by saying I’m level 22 and play this game everyday and I love it! so I’m not just throwing out stuff after 1 day of playing.

#1 Random Reward Driven Encounters; implement random resupply stations for the machines, almost like an airdrop, and allow us to intercept it for a chance of gaining fuel cells, explosive rounds and .50 cal ammo.

#2 Safe House Storage; Everyone wants it. Each safe house has a storage box to put extra weapons and attachments allowing us more strategic gameplay.

#3 NPC home-base; I feel like for this game to last long term we need some kind of homestead with NPCs. A few characters to get connected to. Also a way of getting future events and missions. Maybe make it an end game discovery.

Anyways can’t wait to see where you guys take it, love the game I’m dreading the day I get to the last mission and find out what happen to everybody.