.32 ACP Medical Ammo - what's the use of it?

Found a topic from 2020, but no answer to my question.

Why would anyone heal targets?

The target can be other players in multiplayer or yourself. Shoot on the ground you’re standing on and you get some HP.

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Healing from a distance for your buddies.

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Btw, .32 experimental ammo never made much sense to me, because the möller was so weak compared to my other weapons.
Maybe now with the augmentations it could get a revival. Or I test the scorpion. Should give a nice effect with the healing rounds in full auto.

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If your teammate is low shoot them with medical ammo.

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The health ammo will also give health back to the machines. I don’t allow anyone attacking my level 4 rivals but they still get attacked by Soviets or players that I didn’t catch fast enough going after them. So I can boost the health back up to better health. But the machines will still attack you, so easier to do with a PVG 90 and 8X16 scope

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I don’t believe that.
I’ve to test it.

I mean if that works it sounds like a method of preventing reaper suicide.

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Why? How?
If yes, then not just to prevent suicide, but death, too.

It takes a lot of med ammo to bring the health up slightly and that is more uranium than I want to use. Sometimes resource cost wise, easier to destroy a wounded rival than to waste uranium on nursing them back. I used .50 cal and they are not cheap.

Personally I use the 6c shotgun and med ammo for health kits. Not a big stretch for me to use it in this manner as well. Of course I am only planning on using it to prevent early death of the reaper I don’t care about rivals too much since all 6c guns are owned till more are added. Just a means to spawn a reaper for fun at this point. :laughing:

When it comes to destroying the reaper verses it destroying itself. This is where I save the shock ammo for those last moments of quickly destroying it.

In co-op, I get novice players all the time and they just don’t have the firepower and/or skills to do damage quickly. So at the time the reaper grunts, then pink/purple gas, I switch to the 7.62 shock ammo and quickly destroy the reaper. And I do it also solo, but the timing is everything to be successful repeatability.

I didn’t even notice that the medical ammunition also heals machines, I thought it only worked on the human players and not on the machines. I would still find it ok for the companion, but not for the others

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Do the different types of Medical ammo heal different amounts? I forget if I had checked that, before.

If they do heal for different amounts, like different medkits, it would’ve been nice if their descriptions or crafting recipes gave some indication of that.

.32 ACP Medical seem to heal for like 5 points of health, 3~6, something like that. Dump a full magazine from a Skorpion to heal up…would be quick, but that’s a lot of Uranium.

Toxic waste healing ray! Star Wars’ Bacta?

Also used by the Voza, which is what I usually use, as I find more SMG attachments than handgun ones.