3D Printed Machine

Hello! I have a 3D printer, and I thought a model of one of the robots would be cool to keep around and paint. I was wondering if A) Does anybody know of any files that already exist I could use? B) I was planning on designing my own. What do you think the dimensions of a tank would be?
It would be helpful if I had answers for either of these questions. Thanks, if you do reply.


Same here! I enjoy printing models and painting them, a generation zero collection would be amazing!!

Cool! I haven’t been printing for very long, and I was wondering if you could tell me anything useful about it? (IDk if that’s a thing or not - I use a resin printer if you were wondering)

This is really interesting because I couldn’t find printable files for a tank from generation zero anywhere on the internet. I found only this one link: Generation Zero inspired "Tank" - 3D model by WarThunder [2633eae] - Sketchfab

If you have already made some models during this time, please share them. I would love to print them too.