3rd person view available?


Hi GZ-Community and GZ-Team.
Greetings from good old germany^^ - just if someone is looking forward for some nice people to play with - don’t forget to ask me(/us)^^

Looking forward to the day, we can join the 80’s in Generation Zero - (how wunderfull my memories to the years, when I was young XD).

There is just one thing I want to ask after i looked to some InGameVideos - 3rd person view?

Will it be available,'cause I don’t like the FPS much - I will handle, but I don’t like much. You are to much inside the game with that view - for my opinion.

And if it is not available yet, did you, GZ-Team, think about to realize it some day??

If someone knows an answer or has a link to a specific text, please post it.
We will see us soon, I hope.

best regards


Hi! Our game is played from a FPS perspective only (except when using emotes/dances which will pop out to a third person view). There is an adjustable FoV though if you like to get more on screen.


Okay. Not my favorite, but I will handle that.
Thank you for the information and the fast response. :heart_eyes:


Thats disappointing. Can’t imagine why you would limit the perpective like that… won’t be buying it till you change your mind personally.


A third person view would take much away from the eerie atmosphere the game is trying to achieve. Also, it’s difficult to have 3rd person view be consistent and nice to use in a game with small, closed rooms and hallways. If you absolutely need 3rd person to play a game, you’re gonna have to pass on GZ.


Personally I feel the only way it could take away from the atmosphere is if the 1st-pv was claustrophobic, which you said it is not with the fov slider. Would you consider adding one later, ala FO4 style, meaning basically useless for combat, but there for general running around and such? I just get tired of all the interesting games that come out limiting me to being just a pair of hands all the time. It never feels any more immersive to me, unless I am roleplaying as someone wearing a neck-brace, and horse blinders.


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