3rd person view available?


Hi GZ-Community and GZ-Team.
Greetings from good old germany^^ - just if someone is looking forward for some nice people to play with - don’t forget to ask me(/us)^^

Looking forward to the day, we can join the 80’s in Generation Zero - (how wunderfull my memories to the years, when I was young XD).

There is just one thing I want to ask after i looked to some InGameVideos - 3rd person view?

Will it be available,'cause I don’t like the FPS much - I will handle, but I don’t like much. You are to much inside the game with that view - for my opinion.

And if it is not available yet, did you, GZ-Team, think about to realize it some day??

If someone knows an answer or has a link to a specific text, please post it.
We will see us soon, I hope.

best regards


Hi! Our game is played from a FPS perspective only (except when using emotes/dances which will pop out to a third person view). There is an adjustable FoV though if you like to get more on screen.


Okay. Not my favorite, but I will handle that.
Thank you for the information and the fast response. :heart_eyes: