3rd weapon uncolletable at this position

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Thank you for reporting, Could you give me the map coords for the location please? It is in the bottom right corner of your map.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

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This is on the edge of south coast its inside the truck at this location i will send cordinates as soon as i go to it again

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@Malthezar what system are you on?? I just checked my map and i can confirm i have all 3 weapons collected at that location on Xbox One S although I can only collect 20/28 loot.

@SR_Kimchi the location he is at is called Smabatshamnen Ferry Pier.

Coordinates are about -2634.903, 3591.585 if i recall correctly

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This is a tricky pick-up, but it can be done, as you can see here.


Im on xbox one s and so far each time ive come here its been uncollectable does not highlight containers havent been a problem only sometimes

@Malthezar huh that is weird. I have all weapons collected at that location according to my game. Maybe i was just lucky. Its just the loot that I am missing half of it. I can’t remember if it was finicky for me or not but i definitely did collect it.

I really hope they fix all the Areas as for completionist us game breaking that you cant 100% an area like they intended

Hey same here, video going up in a minute. Showing cords, me walking threw stuff, and walking in the water… same location.

PS4. Can’t pick up that same gun… tho I probably will just drop it. So eh whatever.