[PS4] SMG at Smabatshamnen on the South Coast

Platform: PS4 Slim

Steps To Reproduce: N/A

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Solo

Players in your game: 1

There is a M/46 Kpist SMG in the back of a military truck at Smabatshamnen (-2629.497, 3569.663), that is almost impossible to pick up. In the end, after a few minutes of faffing about, I found I could pick it up by putting the reticule in the position shown in the image above.

To any members of the community reading this; it’s only a Good.

P.S.: I have a vague recollection that somebody may have posted about this in the past, but I couldn’t find any mention of it through searching. If you’re reading this, sorry for stealing your thunder.


This is the only place mine would let me pick it up :o

I could point out that this solution has been posted before. But I would rather see this finally to be fixed. Cannot be that hard.

Thanks for this, got the gun as you said, by looking to the left of the gun I was able to pick it up.