4/5 Salthamn Guns!

Playing on the PC using the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass, aaaand. This is driving me quite literally insane.

Where the heck is this 5th gun??? I have been, as far as I know, in every building and looted every box and shelf, and I just can’t find it. I’ve found the assault rifle in the ‘Scaffold House’, the Pistol on the chess table, the shotgun, and the SMG…among whatever else I’ve picked up, but I for the life of me can’t find THAT LAST DANG GUN!!!

Please tell me someone knows where this thing is. Or has a list of where all 5 Saltham Weapons are…

Off the top of my head, I think there’s a bolt action in the scaffolding house as well? And maybe the shotgun in the military truck by the soccer field might count towards Salthamn as well?

Salthamn must’ve been updated recently, because the most recent video I could find showing the weapon locations said there was only 3. I’m pretty sure that’s the video I used to complete Salthamn as well.

Did you get the AG 4 in the house with the dead Tank outside?

Yeah, I have the Rifle, the SMG, the AG…Pretty sure I grabbed that shotgun out in the field and the weapon in the hut behind it. Looks like it was updated in the last few months.

I’m on PC, and for me there only 3/3 weapons. So there is no way to know the other two. Must be a PC game pass problem.


Oh yeah, like @Gysbert said, currently on Gamepass an update was accidentally partially released early, so your game is full of uncharted territory right now. No one knows where those 2 new weapons are yet.

XD Oh great. Well, that’s fun. I spent a good 5 hours trying to find that last gun before giving up .

Welcome to the forums, this is english only so next time youll want to provide a teanslated version of what you say so everyone understands.

Translationg of this message:
Hello. I’m new to the forum but a veteran of the game. I have seen and suffered every update. If this is large and with a lot of content, it makes you delete the save data and start a new game due to the conflicts that arise. I have everything updated and all the DLC on PS4. Still I can’t find the fifth and last weapon either. When you first arrive at the town guided by Therese and enter the bunker you will find a bat next to a corpse. Also in the bunker next to the chess a pistol. In the house on the scaffolding a rifle. In the house of a member of civil protection a rifle. And the fifth weapon is being impossible for me. I hope I have clarified the matter somewhat and if you still do not know who Therese is and have not guided you here as a prologue, then you need to start a new game

After the New Dawn update I went to see if I could find the 5th gun, but so far I found four. But I will try again in good daylight. Would be a nice search.

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Search for the 5th Salthamn Gun: A Cinematic Masterpiece

I have spent this morning in town looking for the two new guns. I started with 3/5 and immediately found the bat in the bunker but the 5th has got me stumped.

I’ve now been round Salthamn twice today. Once light , once dark (to see if outline stood out) but nothing. I hope it’s not one of those difficult parcour over the roof efforts.

Strange I started out with 3 too, did also two runs, but found a sledge hammer in the bunker halls near to where the dead body is. Not a bat.
So where did you find that bat?

I have also searched Salthamn all over. I don’t think Weapon 5 exists. I’ve been on roofs, looked chimneys, looked at antennas, used field radios to get in houses & garages that don’t have working doors hoping to find Weapon 5, only found some regular loot.

The bat was where the dead body used to be. The bat was leaning up against the wall but there was no body where it has been since forever.

I used an older game-save and checked back at the shelter, it was indeed a bat, I could have swore it was a sledge hammer, maybe wishful thinking. :wink:

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They could release a dlc that takes place in just Salthamn, you have to solve the mystery of the 5th Weapon.


The GZ Twitter account confirmed that there are only 4 weapons in Salthamn. The 4/5 will become 4/4 in the next patch.


(Possible 5th Gun) yellow house at player 1 marker, second floor bedroom, hunting rifle leaning up against wooden dresser

(Edit): didn’t see @Chou518’s comment XD