4 Experimental weapons missing

Platform: PC

Description: It’s been a few months since I played and logged on today to find only my Experimental Rocket launcher as the only weapon in my inventory. Exp KVM 59, Exp PVG 90, Exp AG4, and Exp Klaucke 17 all missing. Went and checked my storage container and they are not there. Is this common and what can be done about it? This happened to me way back just after release when there was an update and I know there was a major update in February. Is there anyone else to contact about this? Also all attachments are gone too.

Steps To Reproduce: NA

Images / Videos: NA

Host or Client: NA

Players in your game: NA

Specifications: Windows 10 Pro / Ryzen 5 5600X / RTX 3080 / 32gb Ram

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