4 some what annoying bugs

Right the high value target at the top of the farm land region has got a small bug saying it’s not repair but it is not sure if it was because I didn’t do the mission as soon as I seen it pop up cause I left it for a while.

Firebirds need a treak with its AI when you are not in combat and watching a fight happen with finx machines fighting the soviet Firebird, firebirds pretty much dosent know your there and then your in combat kinda annoying.

Scopes seemed to have a small glitch with the actual scope I haven’t seen any scope’s between 1-4x / 4-8x, unlike 6-12x and 8-16x scope that glitch around for no apparent reasons dead zone doesn’t fix it either.

Relay beacons are glitch for me on new gen Xbox X I haven’t seen them since I finished the game I’m not sure if that’s was intended I don’t think so cause every other game is play had them I know a few don’t respawn i think.

Would like this looked at thank you dev team!

Getting “magically detected” isn’t unique to just Firebirds, or wasn’t previously anyway. Pretty much any combat between the Soviet and Swedish machines could result in the player(s) being detected without warning, in spite of being crouched/prone, far away, in good cover and concealment. Seems to be a deep core game issue, from back when the game didn’t have the Soviet machines in it. Might be getting fixed/corrected gradually over time, if the devs have some breakthroughs on that front.

As for the relay beacons, I’m seeing the same thing. They all used to respawn periodically, but for a few updates now I’ve only been seeing one or two respawn, ever, at all. Others have pointed it out before, as well. Pretty sure the devs are aware of it, and are working on it, but I haven’t seen/heard anything about progress on that issue.

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