5 things about Generation Zero

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This is more in the line of feedback, so I’m moving the topic there.

The video’s structure is a bit off. It’s 5 positive and negative things about the game, which is a good idea for a format. But it is difficult to know when you are talking about the differences. Feels like some more in-depth explanation about each point could do it some good.

One more thing; The team that works on The Hunter is Expansive Worlds, the one that works on Generation Zero is Systemic Reaction.

Thanks for the cookie! Feedback is always appreciated :slight_smile:


There’s no animals cause they’ve been killed off just like almost all of the humans. I don’t think the robots care if you’re human or animal; they just kill off all life unless told not to by the AI. As for there still being birds, its kinda hard to shoot them all when they can just fly away. I’m sure there’s still lots of animals left; they just aren’t seen normally, like ground hogs, prairie dogs, rats, etc… (smaller types). Stuff that lives underground.
What I would like to see which would make it more realistic, is animal bodies from time to time. For example a deer that was shot crossing a road, maybe a moose that pinned a hunter to a barn wall before dying, or a bear laying dead on top of a runner it crushed. Something like that.

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I think that there are no animals because they (devs) need to keep the game load to a playable level especially for lower end PCs and consoles, same as the locking up houses.

Nevertheless, your bear and moose idea would be a welcome addition to the environmental storytelling. :vulcan_salute:

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