.50 bmg ammo missing from loot


Has anyone else noticed bmg ammo is incredibly scarce after the update? I used to hunt the named bots and would find some, but now they drop useless ammo (.32, slug, etc.). Occasionally I find 1 round in a container. This is with the scavenge perk maxed out… I guess only .5 rounds were in the container? :frowning:

Any tips where to find more?


the game drops ammo mostly for the weapons you have in your inventory. so carry the 50 cal with you. also the best way to find 50cal ammo are bunkers and military areas. if you find ammo packs you can get ammo for it there too.


It’s better to loot this off bodies or tanks. Bodies usually have 3-4 rounds on them, and tanks have stacks of 10. Himfjäll Island has tons of bodies lying around.


Due to the Machine Loot introduced in the June’s Update,
notes: https://generationzero.com/en/blog/june-update-now-live

You can get about 80% of wasted ammo back from tanks/harvs. In other words, if you use .50 cal to take them out, you get .50 cal ammo back from them. For example, yesterday i took FNIX tank out with my 6* .50 cal and got about 45x rounds of .50 cal ammo from it. Of course, i used about 15x rounds to take it out, leaving me about 30x rounds profit.

Another method of gaining .50 cal (or any ammo) is using Ammo Packs. Each ammo pack has 3x uses and it gives the full clip of ammo of whichever weapon you are currently holding. E.g hold .50 cal with AP ammo loaded into it and you get 10x rounds times 3x uses = 30x rounds of .50 cal AP ammo from it.


Absolutely right. The amount of ammo gained with ammo pack has a good “ratio” for .50 cal (in stark contrast to .24 or .27 rifle ammo, where you only gain 12 or 15 rounds from a full ammo pack, which is an absolute waste).

As for loot locations, there is a fixed ammo pack inside the ruins to the north at (1880,-3960). Other good places to get ammo packs are the northern bunkers, Klinte harbor and Norrmyra base.


What? It’s as plentiful as ever. Tanks drop 30-60 rounds + I find a handful in almost every container on Himfjäll. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah the further north i push the more I have been able to find .50 cal ammo especially on harvesters and the occasional tank.


I just remembered, i screenshotted the loot in the tank that i described above,

Plenty of .50 cal ammo (got Salvage skill at lvl2).


What part of the map were you at?


Marshlands, in the Garphammar town. It’s one of the hotspots of machines.


Fixed? What, respawns in place? Ammo packs are as rare as rocking-horse poops for me…


It’s one-time pick-up only.

I haven’t picked that one up since i don’t like to “empty out” my world. Same goes with all the one-time pick-ups in Himfjäll as well, and the new simple first aid kits with radios and boomboxes in the houses.


Yeah, I don’t use boomboxes, but I only pick up what medkits I really need from the houses. I hope they don’t “despawn” them in the next update… I leave weapons alone for my Harcore characters. It is a shame that you can’t see what level a weapon is before you pick it up, and after that it’s gone.

That ought to be changed. If the Plundra can do it (but doesn’t for the add-ons) the world can…


That can go both ways, either devs realize that all of them are single pick-up items and leave them be, or they despawn them. I’d prefer former, this way, houses look more alive.

Well, you can tell if it’s 5* or not since all 5* weapons have shiny finish and so does all the weapon models too when they are lying in the world. Though, it makes sense that you can’t tell weapon quality without picking it up and handling it.


It’s for Hardcore mode, which in the beginning means that you are terribly pleased with a three-star and not worth the effort of a two - but next time you’re stuck with a one and are pathetically grateful for a two. I could tell the state of a weapon IRL before I picked it up!


Huh? Now I’m not following, or I misunderstand you when you say one-time pickup only?

For example, the ammo box @ameinild mentioned in the ruins, I’ve picked that one up several times?

And when I go there now, it’s there again?


Yes, that one respawns.

There is another one in a basement in Klinte (location from mission Zero Hour).


According to the May’s Update patch notes, they should be one-time pick-up only.

source: https://generationzero.com/en/blog/may-update-now-live

I haven’t tested it myself though.


May update? That’s like a hundred years ago! :smiley:
I just picked up the box from Viskandets Borg again. If it’s one time only now, then it’s new from the January update, since I’ve picked it up many times before. Same for the Klinte box, in the basement of the building block just south of the Church.
You’re right that weapons don’t respawn, but ammo boxes have done for a long time I think.