.50 cal ... are you serious? Made by whom, Airsoft®?

Seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY, disappointed with the physics of the .50 cal. I’ve been looking for one since I found that they were in the game and yesterday I found one (3 crown) nice scope and a small cache of AP rounds. For some background I am using both the .243 and the .270 as sniper rifles because that’s been my play style. Shoot from a distance and hide. Great for the Commando specs.

So, I found one! Yay! . time to put it to use. 1 shot, 2 shots, 3… 4… 5 … 6… are you ****ing kidding me?!

4 rounds, point blank, to take out a seeker. 2 rounds hit to take the guard plate off of a runner’s fuel tank. 3 rounds to get a tick pod off of a Hunter. Etc etc etc…

This weapon is a freaking joke. The physics of a .50 cal AP round should put a hole in a FNIX hunter the size of a quarter… not bounce off into the bushes after scratching the tank. JHC, I’ve shot .50cal AP THROUGH steel plates.

I can understand here in the game that you can’t do much damage to an armored tank or harvester with one or two rounds, but holy crap, a .50 AP round should shred a seeker, blow pieces off a runner and at least punch holes in the Hunter

This is disappointing and embarrassing. You gotta do something here.


Agree. It’s useful against relay beacons (1 shot) and kind of nice to have x16 scope and big clip capacity. Also I found it useful to destroy tank’s guns from a long range. Other than that regular hunting rifle with a silencer is better. Not what I expected from .50 cal when compared to other guns in the game. But maybe it’s intended to not make it OP, since you can easily farm a lot of ammo

Agreed. The .50 is horrible other than being able to reach targets at extreme range. In terms of damage, it’s garbage.

I carry it because of the magazine capacity (18 rounds with a 5-star mag) and its ability to 1-shot relay beacons at ridiculous ranges without being overrun by robots guarding it. But honestly, it should be able to utterly destroy probes with a single shot, and yet I’ve had to shoot those bastards 2-4 times (at any range) in order to destroy them, which is ridiculous. And this is with a 5-star gun.

I like the balance of the other weapons for the most part, but the .50 is a dud when you consider what it should be able to do compared to the other smaller calibers.

i have to agree , whilst its range is great , its damage is poor for what it should do