50 Cal Sniper Rifle Scope

Anybody know where to find a scope for the 50 cal? I had two 50 cal rifles and gave the wrong one away :blush:

Your best bet is doing bunker runs @AlanWade! They’re your best method of gaining scopes and other attachments. The northern bunkers have the best rate of 5 crown drops, also normyrra is a good spot too. Look in the big green boxes for em the most. It might take a while because RNG and luck, but if you keep farming those locations you’ll have more 6x12 scopes than you’ll ever need :grin: Another safe bet if you don’t have the time to farm, is heading to the discord in the gear trading section and seeing if anyone wants to trade you one for some resources etc. :slight_smile:

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Found it North East on top of a lighthouse, thanks anyway. :blush:

You’re right that 5-star sniper scopes (8x-16x) are actually pretty rare. I’ve been farming bunkers for 3-4 months now, and while I got a solid handful of 5-star 6x-12x scopes (between 6-8 found in total) I only have collected two 5-star 8x-16x scopes during that time. But you can also put a 6x-12x rifle scope on the 50 cal, I did that for a while. :wink:

One of various Fnix tanks i destroyed yesterday gave me a golden sniper scope, it`s kinda random but it´s a way.

They are aslo the 8x16 scopes , but im not sure if you mean that one when saying .50 cal scope , anyway …this one is super rare .

I imagined that’s what is meant by “sniper scope” - 8x-16x scope, and that’s the one I was referring to. :+1:

This might hurt little bit, just threw away like 2-3 special 8-16x scopes, and i think i gave one to my friend.
So yes, they do seems to spawn decent rate. Sooner or later you will find one. Unless someone here jumps in and donates one. :slight_smile:

Got a reasonable scope from the lighthouse so all is well.

off- topic 50 BMG was designed principally as an anti-materiel round so i wold prefer an 338 lapua magnum for hunting even that is over kill if your not hunting T-rex. Good muzzle brake is a must for most high caliber guns as you are getting the same amount of joles in recoil ( newtons laws for movment energy) shooting from the sholder standing whit 50cal ofc you can. practical? NO. do it whit out an muzzle brake? well lets say you will wait whit that second shoot for a while. =D

on topic the scopes 8x-16 seems like im the one that is geting them every where i get 5 star ones allot geting medkits is harder i think =D or enuf of them. Hermelinen and Sorken and Skvadern are the best ways to get it im not sure how long it takes for the boxes to refill but most of my i got there. happy hunting

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The game loves to give me any scope of any tier (and shotgun chokes, lots and lots of shotgun chokes) except the 8-16x ones. So far I managed to find two of those, of the lowest tier. I’ll get a better one someday… hopefully XD

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I got a bunch of overstock 4* and 5* guns and attachments I could drop. I have them parked on a secondary char, at least one 8-16 4* scope was added recently.

If anyone is interested and takes the lot - feel free to pay it forward and offer stuff you don’t need to the “less (ingame) fortunate”.

Thank you, I appreciate the offer ^^
Apparently complaining about it worked as summoning ritual because I got a 6* one yesterday. I’m going to post a shopping list of all the stuff I want more often and maybe I’ll loot it in my next session =P

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Same here, i find from 1 to 5 star chokes every game session. And this has been happening from the start of the game release.