50 cal with M-46 magazine

can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this photo


A lot of dust on tv… :wink:

But the PVG says it has no magazine in stats, but the picture shows us one, but wrong magazine.

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The PVG in the first line has the icon for an attached magazine, but a scope, too. And selected is the last line. :thinking:

It looks in fact like a smg magazine. The m-46 is just one line above and has an attached magazine as well. Maybe it’s just an optical error due to background loading of the correct weapon model.

I had this “problem” in the past, too, and was scared that I may have lost my exp pvg. But it showed up in the left so I selected another weapon, went back to my pvg slowly and everything was fine.

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Bozar SMG, lol.
This thing need a silencer and reflex sight for compleete picture.

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Maybe it’s a .22LR conversion :joy: