.50cal ammo drop rate lifted

I think the amount of .50 cal ammo needs to be lifted for a bit, with all the crashes happening and .50 cal ammo sort of hard to find, you get almost through combat against Tanks and bam, the game crashes, you neither get any enemies killed staying on the ground to be able to loot, plus you lose any and all .50 cal ammo used which means you have to run around and try to get that ammo restocked. so I think until they get the crashes sorted it wouldn’t hurt to have the amount of .50 cal ammo lifted a little.

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Just a bit of help outside your crashes; the northern bunkers are gold mines for 50. cal ammo so if you’re short on supplies go farm the heck out of them, normyrra, bergrum myskoxen, viskandets borg and any green readiness storage in the north. Another way of keeping your 50. cal stocked nicely is utilizing the ammo packs solely for 50. cal ammo, everytime you use a full ammo pack you get 30 50 cal bullets and that usually is a good haul i’d say.
50 cal is suprizingly easy to keep stocked as long as you do regular farming runs, though tanks are a real benefit to farming 50 cal ammo they aren’t your only option :slight_smile:


Ok thanks for the info tene, great videos by the way.

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No problem! Always happy to help send me a pm if you need any help along the way for any sort of ammo farming/adrenaline and anything else. :smiley: And the vids are my pleasure my dude, cheers!

If you need 50. Cal I have 23 stacks of 40 in my plundra if you want some I don’t mind sharing let me know what system your on and I’ll send you some

Oh… I could use some

I am Spartan 117 pas on Xbox

It’s all good, I just feel that 1 bullet here or 2 bullets there isn’t quite enough considering the 7.62 cal stuff you get up to 60-70 at a time.

Looting thoroughly and regularly gets rewarded in this game. The northern most regions have ample .50 cal. So does the DLC island.

The alpine unrest is littered with .50 FMJ and AP but that makes sense as the toasters are harder to kill

I’ll deliver you 80-120 rounds when I get back mate

All I need now is 5.56

I’ll be on tomorrow (today as In Tuesday the 17th of December) at around 6:30 or 6:45 Central Time