5c KVM-59 ... does it exist?

So someone on Reddit asked the question about this weapon’s existence, I dont believe I’ve ever come across anything but the 6c experimental KVM-59…

Certainly does. To increase your chances of obtaining one, complete all the daily assignments for the full week and/or go across to Himjfall Island, the island of much gold and much pain.


There it is

But haven’t seen it as loot for some time, I guess.
I don’t always look at what I gathered. I just recycle it.
Additionally I haven’t been at Himfjäl for more than a test for a long time now.


Potential drop from:
Apocalypse Tanks
Apocalypse Harvesters.
Spetsnaz Firebirds.
Kvm 59 Machine Gun | Generation Zero Wiki | Fandom

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I have one.


If I may ask Gysbert: what is ‘Woodland snow’ (a skin)?

(and I have one too :gun:)

Yep, It’s a skin for that weapon.

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One of the best looking skins in the game. Now, if I could just apply it to all of my weapons…

Back on topic, yeah, the 5C exists, as do the 1C~4C, most definitely.

There is a location in the Farmlands, South of the airfield, by a road and a pattern of trenches, where there is a sandbagged emplacement…with a White/1C KVM 59.

On Himfjall, in the town of Himarvet, in one of the rooms in the Police Station—a workshop, or an armory—there is, I think, a Green/2C KVM 59.

Others I think all have to be looted from machines. Might be other set piece places that I don’t remember, though.

It is pretty rare to find, but a little less rare if you do the FMtel Assignments for the different weekly reward tiers. Pretty sure KVMs of different ranks (Blue/3C~Purple/4C~Gold/5C) can all be had from the FMtel weeklies, depending on your luck. The lower two tier reward packages don’t always include weapons or attachments, though, so it could be a bit annoying to deal with even that way.