6/4 Weapons Overby Airfield - 2 new, but where?

I’ve scoured the net for any word on the location of 2 newly added weapons, but have come up short. They must’ve been added in an update last year, because I already collected the ones that were part of the resistance base on top of the main building. I do have trouble spotting hidden weapons at the best of times, but my inner completionist can’t rest until I find them. I’ve checked the airfield, the boundaries, the forest within boundaries, the underground, you name it. Anyone with keen eyes spotted them?

I believe this is a misunderstanding, you have picked up 6 weapons out of 4 available since you probably picked up weapons that were later removed/replaced by an update.

I think you might be right. I’ve basically completed everything, everywhere else, so I wasn’t sure if it was some European way of displaying the numbers.

There was a time when the game tracked items collected in multiplayer on top of your main world so for a lot of these counts you could find the same couple of items in multiple multiplayer sessions and have the counts increase every time.

This went for safehouse, weapons etc. I have lots of locations like this, pretty sure I have an 11/5 somewhere.


Overby F23 Air base (6)

2* Möller (on red brick building)
1* AG4 (on red brick building)
2* sledgehammer (on red brick building)
2* hunting rifle algstudgare (on red brick building)

– The two below are connected to the mission Flying Blind

.50 cal (in bunker in one of 3 purple vaults) Loc: -1400, 685
m/49 ((in bunker in purple vault)


Europeans reverse how they write dates, compared to the Americas, but I’m very sure that fractions are universal, lol. And, yes, even in the metric system =P

Soooo, does this mean that when the game map says that at F23 Overby Air Base, weapons tally is 6/4, that I’ve picked up ALL weapons for that area?
When I go to F23 Overby Underground Bunker, it says that I’m 0/2. I’ve done the Flying Blind mission and have entered the room with poison gas in it, unlocked the 3 walk in lockers, picked up weapons from corpses, but am still missing weapons or is this a known issue?

You have 6/4, so you have picked up 6 weapons total, but the counter is wrong.