6 Missions still glitched after may update

  1. Hazardous contents
  2. Secret cargo
  3. The enemy of my enemy
  4. Loud and clear ( cannot interact with radio)
  5. Behind the curtain
  6. Heavy loadout

All these missions are still bugged its either i haven’t found the begging of these mission or they just are bugged. If you cam tell me where these missions start from i will be very pleased thank you very much ?

Is this an old save you’re playing on? Some missions couldn’t be fixed retroactively and only work on newer playthroughs.

Are you joking with us? Do you really expect people to re play the game from scratch one more time?
Last update broke the game really bad, this time it’s even worse?
And now we have to wait for a quick update ( 4 weeks ), you told us that you didn’t want to set a date for the update so we should be glad that it came early rather then late, now 2 days before a new month the game is completely broken whit the fresh new update that we shall be glad that we got before a month have past.

Next update will that make our consoles to explode, or are you waiting one a game changing super update “adding a cat to the first island / added a new colour to the cars” or perhaps som ultra deluxe update whit new sound levels for the wind?

How about pausing all the Add ons and focus on the playability, nobody wants to buy a game they can’t finish or even worse start.

Sorry for my poor English, Swedish is my native language

Otherwise, it’s a real god game.

No. What I meant is that some missions couldn’t be retroactively fixed in this update. The patch notes say that the rest is being worked on.

Thanks for clearing that, do you have any news about picking up the key under the flowerpot, that’s the only one I have left to do since 6 weeks, besides the second mission on the starting island in the church that have been glitched from release.

No news, sorry:( Bugged missions are a high priority though, so I’m sure it will be addressed soon.

Hi Carniv0re,
Unfortunately yes, my save is dated a day before the 25-th May update. I was afraid of this possibility, and I started today a new game. I am not completely unhappy with that, I discovered the initial island changed, some new tiny constructions or cars to loot, and everything is quite more challenging. More enemies to fight and to be afraid of. And it looks quite better with the new graphics. I play in a slower pace, try to complete each settlement and the loot information is better now.
Anyway, thanks for answer. And a I make I hard save each day now. In my last game I was level 11 and lost my skills and stuff.

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