6 player co-op please

I want to be able to play with all my friends

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Welcome to the forum! What will happen if you get more friends, wanting more players in the game? :slightly_smiling_face:

4 good players make quick work of destroying machines, I can’t see 6 or more playing and it being fun.

Hi Alexander, welcome!

Probably, but your answer isn’t what Alexander is asking/wishing for.

Why not 25 friends, invading a medium large city and controlling it all. Looks like fun and a lot of action to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have said:

Why not, but not for Generation Zero.
The whole game is made for a company of up to four. Even more players wouldn’t be fun.

But there could be a Generation Zero 2 in future which could have another basement. A “Rise of the resistance” where could battle like in a mmog/mmorpg with many others against the machines.

Or imagine a CoD Warzone like game. A large area or city which got invaded by machines and you have to reach some goals and escape with your team/faction. Yes, there could be even different human factions (resistance, iron church, growing tree) with different goals.

So, why not?

Don’t forget such an active situation asks a lot of your computer performance.

So probably this is one of the thoughts the developers have to cope with.

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It can’t cope with 3 let alone 6.