6C KVM-89 Street Art Paint Bug and Broken Kpist Swedish Resistance Paint


Recently decided to use the KVM-89 and equipped the 6C. Trying to apply the Street Art paint to it (the only paint I have for the weapon type) produced no visual change to the gun both in inventory and while equipped. No other attachment was equipped while trying to equip the paint, restarting game and PC produced no result.

Several months ago, I placed my 4C Kpist into my companion’s inventory to test a build. The companion’s inventory displayed the gun, its augmentations, and the paint as items to grab. Lost an augmentation and the Swedish Resistance Paint for the weapon type, and the weapon paint was never re-encountered in either of my characters and worlds.

GPU0 - Intel(R) UHD Graphics
GPU1 - NVIDIA T1200 Laptop GPU
CPU - 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-11850H @ 2.50GHz
RAM - 32GB
Windows 11

This happens if you equip alot of attachments for me. Some just doesent show.